The US Govt. and Its Minions Forgive Anas Haqqani, But Our Mourning People Never Forgive Him!

On 11th November 2019, Ashraf Ghani, standing beside some other stooges, announced that he will release Anas Haqqani and his two bloodthirsty companions, Abdul Rashid Omari and Mali Khan. They, once again using their hypocritical methods, tried to throw dust in the eyes of the people, and by discovery of the term “conditional release”, they don’t mean anything else but to give message to the terrorists, they are more than welcome to kill any number of innocent Afghans, but not their common foreign masters. Some years back, when Ghani, to calm down the anger of people, said that he will order the execution of Anas Haqqani, it was clear that it is mere lie. It is not possible for a traitor government to execute its crime partner, when it spreads red carpet for the murderous Gulbuddin or when hundreds of Khalqi, Parchami, Jihadi and Taliban criminals are lying on the high official posts. Anas Haqqani, the prominent member of the barbaric Haqqani Network and raised by CIA and ISI, has involved in tens of suicide attacks resulting in the dead of hundreds of innocent compatriots. The release of this heinous terrorist to exchange with two foreign professors, once more proved that for the US and Western broods, the fate of two foreign citizens are more valuable and important than the life of millions of Afghans.

Let us break the shameful silence against the painful fate of our Sikh and Hindu compatriots by struggle and resistance!

The most noble and decent of Afghan minorities, the Sikhs and Hindus, have yet again suffered another painful bloodshed. On July 1st, 2018, while the whole Jalalabad city was on high alert due to a visit from Ashraf Ghani – even hotels were cleared of guests and shops were forcibly shut down – 19 people, including 17 of our Sikh and Hindu compatriots, were martyred and 10 others wounded, in a suicide bombing. The heinous massacre took place in front of the governor’s office where they had gathered to meet Ashraf Ghani. The puppet president had made false promises to examine their cases of property-grabbing by local warlords and powerful figures. According to eye witnesses, the representatives of the Sikh community had repeatedly contacted Hayatullah Hayat, governor of Nangarhar, asking him to allow them into the office, but despite Ghani’s remarks about the high security risks that day, they were made to wait for hours outside, until they were slaughtered in that horrifying manner.

Afrin Shall Repeat the Epic of Kobani!

On January 20, 2018, the fascist government of Turkey continued its crimes by officially announcing that it would attack Afrin to wipe out “PKK terrorists” and ISIS. The despotic and criminal government is trying to deviate the public opinion at home and abroad by tying ISIS to the area, while it is well known that this brutal group has almost completely abandoned Syria, and is especially absent from Afrin and its surrounding areas. Most importantly, according to authentic sources, Erdogan’s government has been one of the staunchest supporters of ISIS, and Turkish forces were fighting alongside ISIS during the Kobani attacks. At least the long time close ties of Turkey with the murderous Gulbuddin, famously known as the “butcher of Kabul”, shows that this despotic government supports the most reactionary forces. In addition, Erdogan’s bloodthirsty government has armed and financed former ISIS fighters under the Free Syrian Army, and let them loose upon the suffering people of the area, along with the official Turkish forces. The Ikhwani government of Turkey which has held a longtime hostility towards the oppressed Kurdish people, does not want them to live in peace and comfort with freedom and justice, and this is why it continues to conspire against them using violence and terror.

Selay Ghaffar Condemning the Occupation of Afghanistan by US Govt.

Video of SPA Protest Condemning the Occupation of Afghanistan by US Govt.‎

Kabul - October 6, 2017: Today a group to SPA members and supporters gather to express their protest on the eve of 16th year of occupation of Afghanistan by US and Nato. They were carrying the banner, “In Presence of US, Nato and Their Minions, There Will Be No Peace and Prosperity in Afghanistan!” They were also carrying the placards with victims of US and Nato forces air strikes and texts such as “No to Occupation!”, “No to US Military Bases in Afghanistan!”, “No to US & NATO Forces in Afghanistan!”, “US/NATO Massacre: A Challenge to the World’s Conscience!”, “US Military Bases = Bloodshed in Afghanistan!”, “Afghan Women’s Emancipation: Struggle Against Occupation and Fundamentalism!”

With the US, NATO and their stooges, peace and prosperity are nothing but mirages!

October 7 is a reminder of the wretched day in which our people were thrust ever deeper into the abyss of foreign dependency, terror, crime and misery. Exactly sixteen years ago, under the guise of “exporting democracy” and “liberating women”, the US and NATO occupiers began dropping their bombs on an agonized nation that had spent three decades under the tyranny of the arch-criminal governments of Khalq and Parcham, the Peshawar seven and the Tehran eight, and the murderous Taliban, who all came to power with full support of their Eastern, Western, and regional masters.



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October 7, 2017

For decades, determined activists around the world have been resisting occupation, militarism, and foreign military bases on their lands. Their struggles have been courageous and persistent. Uniting our resistance into a global action for peace and justice will make our voices louder, our power stronger and more radiant.

If We Do Not Rise, Every Corner of This Land Will be Mirzaolang!

Our nation is once more grieving the shocking killings of their innocent compatriots in Sare Pul. On August 6, the savage ISIS and Taliban captured Mirzaoalang village in Sayyad district of Sare Pul province, and according to reports, brutally killed more than 50 civilians and tens of poor families were taken hostage. This massacre is reminiscent of the Yakawlang massacre in January 2001, but more atrocious because even women and children were not spared this time, defenseless people were beheaded and bodies were torn to pieces.

Afghan People Are Still Burning in the Inferno Set Ablaze by the 7th and 8th Saur Criminals

7th and 8th Saur are those two shameful days of our history that still burn our people in their fire, and have given birth to new kinds of criminals, ignorant people, and traitors. These are two odious days that the people of this land wish never had existed so that they could escape remembering its horrifying memories every year: memories of a bloody coup, the disappearance and killing of tens and thousands of innocent people, torture and live burials, destruction of and fleeing from Russian bombs, and tolerating the insults in Iran and Pakistan as refugees. Our people had dreamt of a better tomorrow after the Russian exit, but the killers of 8th Saur clutched our ill-fortunate Afghanistan and its people in its bloody claws and perpetrated crimes worse than those committed by the Russians, thus only adding to those painful memories: every street of Kabul had become a fighting front; public offices were looted in the very first days; 70-year-old mothers and small children were raped; watching a woman give birth became entertainment for gunmen; Shukira, Nahid, and hundreds of women and girls were killed; a genocide was committed in Afshar; nails were driven into skulls; the “killer’s dance” became a form of entertainment; prisoners were fed urine; people were burned alive in containers; the most traitorous and shameful actions were carried out against our Hindu and Sikh compatriots and their properties seized; factories and arms were sold at the price of scrap metal to Pakistan; Kabul became a city of ghosts; the country burned in the fire of tribal, regional, linguistic, and sectarian divisions; the blood-soaked hands of Iran and Pakistan’s reactionary governments were given an open to intervene in our country, and hundreds of other crimes, treachery and deceit were committed. After enduring the medieval Taliban’s despotism, our people were bombed by the US and its allies who imposed these criminals upon them once more, only this time these criminals joined hands with their 27th April criminal partners. With bags of Dollars, these criminals, who have changed their appearance but retain their reactionary nature, have continued their treachery, oppression, and corruption for the past decade and a half.

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16 April 2017 – Kabul: A group of SPA members gathered to protest against testing of Mothers of All Bombs by US Govt. in Achin District of Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan. They expressed their hatred against US crimes and its puppet government of Ghani-Abdullah. The protestors were carrying placards with text against the occupying policies of USG and pictures of our people’s trivialities. They chanted slogans: “No to USG, No to Fundamentalism – Power to the People!” “Testing of deadly weapons is a crime!” “The US War Against Terrorism is a mockery!” “The real cause of war in Afghanistan is USG!” “Taliban and ISIS have been raised by USG!” “Cut the meddling of USG and its minions from our country!” “We must arise, our silence is our death!”


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