March 8, A Symbol of Hope and Struggle for the Emancipation of Afghan Women from the Cutches of the Monster of Fundamentalism

International Women's Day has arrived in the rule of the most misogynist system in history, raised by CIA, MI6 and ISI, and while the world, especially the imprisoned and freedom-loving women, are celebrating this long-standing symbol of women's struggle, the oppressed women of Afghanistan are still captive to the Taliban-Jihadist-ISIS monsters and the leaning sticks of the West. The gates of schools and universities and every educational institution, except for religious schools to raise suicide bombers, are closed for the women; the right to work has been denied to women; women are beaten and humiliated for not wearing the outfits according to Taliban norms; women in Taliban prisons are subjected to mental and physical torture, harassment and sexual assault; and these suffering women are forced to flee, exile and even commit suicide after being freed by the vampire Taliban; these medieval creatures are forcing our fearless women to confess in front of the camera; the battered women of our land are whipped in public; women's ears and noses are being cut off continuously, and our sisters are still victims of honor killings; Afghan women, men and children are struggling with poverty and hunger; the Taliban and other fundamentalist elements even try to snatch the thinking and hope from our people, especially women; and many other pains.

Two years of Taliban’s despotism is the continuation of twenty years of crimes by the US occupiers and their puppets!

Two years have passed since the re-installation of the dark-minded of the century, and just as yesterday their Jihadi brothers were installed over the fate of our people, today these CIA-ISIS-born figures have been kept on their feet with the force of weekly dollars and other hidden aid from US and its partners. Under the domination of Taliban fascism, Afghanistan has turned into a huge prison, especially for its oppressed women.

The sacrifices of indomitable women and men will change our dark destiny, not pro-rulers awardees!

At a time when the monsters of misogyny, more brutal than ever before, are lynching the captive women of our land in the bloody claws of the CIA-procreactions, we are on the eve of International Women's Day. The Taliban are attacking and killing our imprisoned women with ever-increasing cruelty: women are disappeared and killed; they are whipped in the stadiums; the suicide rate of women has increased in an unprecedented way; the gates of schools and universities are closed to women; women don’t have the right to work; any voice of protest is suppressed in the Jihadi-Taliban style of ignominy; women's rights to sightseeing, exercise, and going to public baths have been denied; women, more worse than men, are facing poverty, unemployment and gloominess to such extent that they are even forced to sell their children. And in the face of all this miseries and unfortunates, the Imperialist Governments, the United Nations and their other affiliates are silent or just express their so-called concern. In many cases, they even propagate in favor of this criminal group or trying to whitewash them.

Only Our Suffering People Can Break the Ominous Chains of Imperialism and Fundamentalism!

A year has passed since the tyrannical rule of Taliban oppressors when the country was presented to them by their American, Pakistani and Qatari masters during the shameful Doha agreement under the name of ‘peace’ and ‘ending the war’. The US government’s decline is discernable from afar. The COVID-19 catastrophe and the monstrosity that was Trump has exposed the depth of its internal decay and how it no longer has the capacity to dominate the world, while its powerful Chinese and Russian rivals have risen to oppose it. In such circumstances, the US chose its survival by leaving Afghanistan along with its war-mongering and anti-human apparatus, but has tightened its vicious claws on our defenseless people’s throats with less expensive and indirect methods. The White House’s deal under Zalmai Khalilzad’s supervision in Doha was so preposterous and treacherous that even David Petraeus, former Commander of ISAF and director of the CIA, called it ‘amongst the worst diplomatic agreements’ and a sign of the country’s ‘decline’.

The Women of Afghanistan Will Rise from the Blood and Ashes!

This year, International Women's Day comes as the most misogynist group, the Taliban, have taken over power in Afghanistan, a group that alike their Jihadist brothers, who overnight became pro democracy and women's rights, pretend to be progressive and apparently just preach the citizens, however, this ISI-born and suicide bombers’ group attempt to put any veil on their bloody faces, their insane opposition to women is obvious from afar. There are many enormities by this anti-women group to be mentioned: depriving women work and not allowing girls to go to school and university; prohibition of female journalists and artists in the visual media; forcing women to wear those types of clothes which are against their will; abduction and murder of women; suppression of peaceful protests by women; detention, physical and psychological torture and forced confession of women protesters in front of the camera; restrictions on women's travel in taxis; semi-decrees depriving women’s movement with male escort; and dozens of other tyrannies.

Let us stand up against the traitors and their masters, or watch our children fall!

The bloodthirsty and ignoramus Taliban have targeted two educational institutions in the recent days: a suicide attack on the Kausar-e-Danish Tuition Center in Dasht-e-Barchi area of Kabul and the brutal killing of youth at Kabul University. However, to place the blame for these crimes solely at the feet of the Taliban or ISIS is just stupidity. The Taliban and ISIS, like the Jihadist Factions, are mercenaries and chained dogs who are recruited by the imperialist and the reactionary regional countries in collaboration with the Afghan puppet government to wage their masters’ proxy wars in our country. The perpetrators of the massacre of Kabul University students and other atrocities are not only the Taliban and ISIS, but also the US occupiers, the governments of Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia, and the puppet Ghani-Abdullah government that first released Anas Haqqani and then more than 6,000 Taliban fighters.

Only an uprising of our people can end the US occupation and the rule of its minions!

Nineteen years ago, the United States and NATO, in the opening salvo of War on Terror, invaded Afghanistan and overthrew the bloodthirsty Taliban regime within weeks. After two decades of death and destruction, the United States and its puppet Afghan government are busy wheeling and dealing in Doha to return the savage and mercenary Taliban to power. The War on Terror, as it was clear from the beginning, not only did not eradicate but increased terrorism. Today Afghanistan has become a hub for terrorism and the drug mafia, twith the Taliban joined by a more brutal group called ISIS, as well as the Haqqani Network, and according to government spokesmen, 24 other small and large active terrorist groups. At the same time, countless terrorists have changed their hats and taken seats in government, or like Gulbuddin, are being fed from the nation's treasury.

We support the inspiring uprising of the weary people of the US!

Following the release of the video showing the brutal murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis police, a wave of widespread protests have once again engulfed many American cities. Although the people’s anger was flared by racism dominating the US system, it became more violent and culminated in burning down of government buildings, the official flag and besiegement of the White House targeting the oppressive ruling system. The current movement is, in reality, the continuation of the “Occupy Wall Street”, “Not in Our Name", “Black Lives Matter”, the Ferguson riots and other movements, but this time the protests are more clamorous and vast than the country has seen in the past half century.

The nefarious deal with Taliban and the release of thousands of Taliban viruses is a national treason!

Now that the US in accord with Taliban, besides providing many other facilities to them, is about to release 5,000 criminal Taliban prisoners, Ashraf Ghani, after his ears being pulled by US, once again crossed his dramatic “red line”, and in contradiction to all justice and human rights principles, will release 5,000 dangerous viruses on our people. The US government and its slaves –as they did with Gulbuddini assassins– this time also is granting amnesty, without any trial, to the brainwashed elements who are alien to humanity, and those who have stoned and flogged women; have beheaded innocent people in their field courts; have committed suicide bombings; taken back Afghanistan to the stone age period; have beaten men for not having beard and hair according to their wish; committed massacre in Yakawlang, Shamali Valley, Mazar and other places; bereaved women from their basic rights such as education, work and have imposed the most ignoramus laws on them; destroyed the two Buddha statues of Bamyan and, according to their Pakistani masters’ wish, dragged Afghanistan towards dooms days; and have committed many other crimes, oppressions and felonies.


8th March, the auspicious day, proposed as International Women’s Day in 1910 by Clara Zetkin during the International Socialist Women’s Conference to respect the struggle of women workers, and since then, it is celebrated worldwide. We are going to this day, while our tormented and sorrowful people, especially the women of this country, are suffering from various terrors of occupation, fundamentalism, misogyny, poverty and adversity, killing and bloodshed. The ear and throat of the unfortunate women of our homeland are slit and they are subjected to rape and sexual violence; they are stoned and burned; they commit suicide and self-immolation to get rid of these miseries; and tens of other oppressions.


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