March 8, A Symbol of Hope and Struggle for the Emancipation of Afghan Women from the Cutches of the Monster of Fundamentalism

March 8, A Symbol of Hope and Struggle for the Emancipation of Afghan Women from the Cutches of the Monster of Fundamentalism

International Women's Day has arrived in the rule of the most misogynist system in history, raised by CIA, MI6 and ISI, and while the world, especially the imprisoned and freedom-loving women, are celebrating this long-standing symbol of women's struggle, the oppressed women of Afghanistan are still captive to the Taliban-Jihadist-ISIS monsters and the leaning sticks of the West. The gates of schools and universities and every educational institution, except for religious schools to raise suicide bombers, are closed for the women; the right to work has been denied to women; women are beaten and humiliated for not wearing the outfits according to Taliban norms; women in Taliban prisons are subjected to mental and physical torture, harassment and sexual assault; and these suffering women are forced to flee, exile and even commit suicide after being freed by the vampire Taliban; these medieval creatures are forcing our fearless women to confess in front of the camera; the battered women of our land are whipped in public; women's ears and noses are being cut off continuously, and our sisters are still victims of honor killings; Afghan women, men and children are struggling with poverty and hunger; the Taliban and other fundamentalist elements even try to snatch the thinking and hope from our people, especially women; and many other pains.

However the criminal machinery of US Governments and the big powers of the world and the governments of the region are in competition to fish from the dirt water of Taliban: US and NATO use their Qatari cane to pave the red carpet for these anti-woman criminals and pay for every expenses from their food to condoms. The Russian government stands shoulder to shoulder with the Taliban. The Chinese government, led by Xi Jinping, welcomes the representative of this terrorist group with a smile. European governments are outdoing each other in giving visas and allowing the public speeches to Taliban representatives, and have allowed Taliban supporters in Europe to propagate in the media and social networks in favor of this murderous group. The nefarious government of Pakistan plays the role of the spokesperson of this dark-minded element of the history in the world forums. Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Uzbekistan and others have handed over the Afghan embassies in their countries to these savages.

While the Western Governments have supported and kept alive the terrible Taliban apparatus by sending large sums of dollars, they are also engaged in sugar-coating of them through their fibster media and institutions. Sometimes they emphasize the decline of poppy cultivation, and sometimes they make the grave situation of Afghanistan look upside down with false statistics and "surveys". Recently, Freedom House announced that "the situation of freedom and democracy in Afghanistan is better than 14 countries of the world"!! These deceivers never say that there is a ruling group in Afghanistan that is the blood enemy of "freedom" and "democracy" and that even the shadow of these values is bombarded.

Recently, the United Nations organized a meeting in Doha in the presence of some of its male and female henchmen, namely Mehboba Siraj, Shahgul Rezaei, Mitra Mehran, Lotfollah Najafizadeh and Faizullah Zeland, which the Taliban coyly refused to participate in. The US Government and Partners under the leadership of the UNAMA office, who entrusted the fate of our people and women to their cheaper servants known as the Taliban, are now "concerned" about the situation of Afghan women and are still trying to profit from their 2001 "women's freedom" tool. What a painful joke! It is obvious to everyone, just as during the Negotiations of Afghanistan's Handover to the Taliban, known as Doha Peace Talks, there were many fake women, or according to Hannah Arendt, short-sighted and contemptible, such as Fawzia Kofi, Habiba Sarabi, Nahid Farid, Shahrzad Akbar, Moqadase Yorush, Malali Shinwari, Zarifa Ghafari, Fatemeh Gilani, Fataneh Gilani, Jamila Afghani, Mari Akrami, Khatul Momand, Sharifa Zarmati, Leila Jafari and others, this time Maulvi Mahbouba Sirajuddin, Mitra Mehran (who used to be veiled and interviewed on Radio Azadi –the CIA voice) and Shahgul Rezaei. The stage has been set to pave the way for the government composed of Taliban-Jihadi brothers and the suited-booted technocrats.

Compatriots and fellow youth!

Escaping and leaving the country is not the solution to our pains. Ultimately, several thousand people may be able to get out of Afghanistan, but human conscience demands that we put aside indifference and join forces for justice and struggle in this hell. When we see that free and honorable people such as Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, John Stockwell, Daniel Ellsberg, Josh Powell and in the latest case Aaron Bushnell rise from the heart of US blood and killing machine, people will also rise in our bloodied Afghanistan. However, we should not wait for heroes and legends, but each of us, seeing the pathetic and painful situation of our girls and sisters, should play a role in the fight against the Taliban and Jihadi oppressors and their masters in every possible way.

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan

8 March 2024


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