We Will Never Forget Ezgi Sadet, Büşra Mete and Other Victims of Suruç Bombing!

Condolence  Message of SPA to ESP and SGDF

Dear Comrades of ESP and SGDF,

The awful news of suicide bombing during the gathering of Socialist Youth Associations Federation (SGDF) in Suruç, shocked us here in Afghanistan, especially in the time when the freedom-loving and progressive organizations and parties in different parts of the world are lending hand to reconstruct Kobani. The murderous perpetrators of this crime and their masters, know it very well that the building of a nursery, library and memorial forest will be more effective than their terrorist training camps, therefore they tried to silence it in the roots.

Although, apparently the Turkish government officials belonging to the fascist AKP, condemned the attack, but it is very much conspicuous that such heinous crime is not possible without the support of Turkey’s ruling party. Their condemnations is a sheer lie and demagoguery. The terrorists of Daesh (ISIS) and their imperialist masters had considered to conquer Kobani within few hours or days, but the indomitable warriors of Kobani, especially the epic women of this land, proved them wrong.

We denounce this nefarious crime of ISIS –the vile minions of imperialist countries. And express our intense grief with Ezilenlerin Sosyalist Partisi (ESP), Sosyalist Gençlik Dernekleri Federasyonunun (SGDF) and other freedom-loving people of Turkey. We share your pain and vow to blood of Ezgi Sadet, Büşra Mete and other victims of Suruç bombing to continue with our resolute fight for freedom and democracy. We call upon all people-serving and forward-thinking organizations to continue with their unrelenting struggle against religious and non-religious reactionary forces and their world imperialist mainstays in every possible way.

Şehíd Namirin! The martyr doesn’t die!

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA)
July 21, 2015


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