The Occupied Afghanistan: A Hell for Women

The Occupied Afghanistan: A Hell for Women

The public execution of Zarmina by Taliban shocked the world and became an excuse for more than forty countries to invade Afghanistan under the guise of “Liberation of Afghan Women”. However during the last 15 years, every moment Afghan women are lynched in the “Democratic” and “Human Rights” rule of US/Nato minions, but world doesn’t care! The agony of Shakila, Tabasum, Farkhunda, Rukhshana and thousands of other Afghan women don’t make it to international news headlines.

The US and Nato countries treacherously misuse the bone-burning afflictions, and bring forward a bunch of filthy and governmental women in every international events and media. And shamelessly repeat, “with the arrival of international community and partners, the women have achieved much progress and freedom”, but you can watch the harsh realities of Afghan women in this clip:


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