The Orphaned Kids of US in Russia’s Arms

The Orphaned Kids of US in Russia’s Arms

In 2001, when the CIA once again rented the “Northern Alliance” to pave the way for US’s military occupation, the Guardian wrote quoting a jihadi commander: “You can rent Afghan leaders, but you cannot buy them.” However, the history of these lackeys show that they can be bought, sold, rented, mortgaged and even bartered and they are open to any shameful and traitorous deal.

For the second time, Russia called its newly recruited lackeys, Taliban, to Moscow and some other expired lackeys, abandoned by US, also rushed to join them. Minions likes Karzai, Qanoni, Mohaqqeq, Ismail, Atta, Karim Khurram, Spanta, Atmar, Latif Pedram, Anwar-ul-Haq Ahadi, Zalmai Rasol, Fawzia Koofi, Hawa Alam Nuristani, Shahnawaz Tanai, Omar Zakhilwal, Dawood Ali Najafi, the quack of Gulbuddin –Habiburahman Hikmatyar, son of Gulbuddin– and several other minions who have been orphaned for some time now, hurriedly went to Moscow fearing, they would be left behind, and to also provoke Ghani and Abdullah, that just like them they also have customers –master and masters who are ready to rent them as well. All of the delegates stood behind Abbas Stanikzai –with the dark history of being a Khalqi and then joined Sayyaf’s fundamentalist party and finally with Taliban– to auction themselves. Russia showing fangs to its longtime rival, US, had tried its best to bring all the existing spies from every corner to the meeting to display its vast interference in Afghanistan.

This bunch of traitors, who have always stepped over their dignity and honor to have share in power, don’t care whether constitution or any other thing changes. These are the same people who until yesterday flaunted “their jihad against Russians” and bragged about tearing down Berlin Wall, and then acclaimed about “resisting against Taliban”, are now flattering Taliban under Russia’s arm and are trying to clean the savage Taliban’s blood-stained hands.

Russia had also summoned its former spies like Shahnawaz Tanai and Hanif Atmar in order to rent them again for future missions.
Russia had also summoned its former spies like Shahnawaz Tanai and Hanif Atmar in order to rent them again for future missions.

In this gathering, everyone of the participants were yelling louder than their counterparts to show to their Russian masters that they are worth of buying and are willing to fit into any new form. Here we will focus on the speeches of two members of this criminal and puppet group which express the opinion of majority:

Because of the unfortunate state of Afghan people, Atta has also become a writer and writes in the “8 Morning” journal, or mercenary pen-men write under his name, by praising himself as “one of the most influential figures in Afghanistan’s matters”, once again tries to deceive our people:

“I have joined this gathering in order to defend the constitution, civil liberties and the country’s security and defensive institutions and to represent the voice of the silent majority and try to create a comprehensive government, ensure peace and stability and strengthen just and democratic interrelations in Afghanistan.”

No, Mister! You were taken to this meeting because since sometimes you have shifted your “Qiblah” from US to Russia and you are trying hard to keep your massive wealth in Balkh. If this meeting was arranged by the US in Saudi Arabia, surely you would have grown longer beard than the one of your Jihad period, but this time instead of talking about “defending the constitution, civil liberties and the country’s security and defensive institutions”, to seek your master’s attention you would say “defending Sharia Law, the Muslim Ummah and Mujahidin”; and instead of speaking about “comprehensive government”, you would have spoken about “pure Islamic government”! Of course, your efforts to "ensure peace and stability and strengthen just and democratic interrelations in Afghanistan" are also evidenced by the biting Mohammad Asef Mohmand’s ear by your son, bacha bazi (the dirty act of making young boys dance in front of men and molesting then) of your commanders, and the raping of Maryam by your commander, Akram Zare. From the point of you as the mafia don and warlord, “just and democratic relations", means that your hands are left free with complete impunity for looting, plundering, treachery and corruption. However, a just and democratic society will only be created in Afghanistan when first you slanderous thugs alongside your Taliban brothers should be punished in a drumhead people’s court.

Following, while blurting out words such as “populism” and “paranoia” which he certainly does not know their meanings, he laments about his former companions –Ghani and Abdullah– for preventing peace and recommends the two: “peace comes with reconciliation…”

Fawzia Koofie
Fawzia Koofie, the so-called women’s representative in this meeting, ignoring the beheading of Tabassum, Zarmin’a blood, wailing of Rukhshana and thousands of women victims of Taliban atrocities shamelessly praised the Taliban: “Taliban have got good plans for women”.

Atta Khan, do not worry. Whenever Ghani and Abdullah’s power and position is guaranteed, or if their American master dictates, they both surpass you in this "compromise." Just make sure that you are not left behind! However, the mothers and fathers of the victims of the past four decades have experienced that the "compromise" with the bloodthirsty savages and minions of foreigners will only intensify war and destruction. The peace will only come to Afghanistan when you alongside your Jihadi, Talib, ISIS, Khalqis, Parchmis and today’s tie-wearing brothers will be tried in a people’s court. "Peace with compromise," can only be a peace for the criminals, not for our afflicted people. But, the Afghan people have understood well that one of the main causes of the intensification of terrorism over the past 18 years and the transformation of Afghanistan into a bloodbath was Karzai's and his masters’ "compromise" with you brutal warlords. During all these years, you have "peacefully" with your corruption, looting, tyranny and disgrace plunged the nation into poverty, destitution, injustice and oppression, leading to the birth and growth of the Taliban and the ISIS in our homeland.

Atta claims:

“We and our allies under the leadership of Professor Burhanuddin Rabbani and the country’s National Hero fought and resisted against Taliban from foothills of Hindukush and Alburz to Panjshir, Suf valley and Balkhab…” and “we have remained true followers of a charismatic man who got sacrificed for peace”.

But you don’t even have the basic Afghan honor which says: “By killing my father, you grow the seed of hostility; there will be no peace for killing a father.” None of you from Shura-e-Nezar (military organization led by Ahmad Shah Massoud), Jamiat-e-Islami (Islamic fundamentalist party led by Burhanuddin Rabbani) and your other Ikhwani (Muslim Brothers) fellows have the hame of not sitting together with the murderers of your leader and party members. You are the ones that compromised the blood of your “National Hero” without hesitation, you will definitely not be ashamed of compromising our innocent people’s blood and sell them in exchange for dollars and positions to Taliban or any other more hideous and atrocious force.

Another puppet who joined this group of criminals is Spanta. He, who might have known that Sebghatullah Mujadidi will soon leave his tenure to Taliban, rushed to Russia so he can kiss the hands of Taliban (Spanta’s picture was taken while kissing the hands of Mujadidi and then became popular the Hand-kisser of Mujadidi) and god forbid that Karzai will be left without a witness (in an interview )! This cheap man who adores fame and position and who considers himself philosopher and the professor of the universe, at the beginning of his peace preaching, just like other speakers, thanked Association of Afghans Residing in the Russian Federation for organizing the “inter-Afghan peace talks”. No, do not think that all Afghan people are brainless like you! We all very well know that if the Russian government was not involved in holding this event, the unknown “Association of Afghans Residing in the Russian Federation” wouldn’t have been able to pay for even one hour rent of this luxurious hotel’s hall, let alone the other logistical expenses of the meeting. It is not an Inter-Afghans Peace Talks but it is the talks between the criminals of the four decades at the request of their masters. The Afghan people don’t need to make peace because they didn’t have a war amongst themselves.

Spanta, a self-sold intellectual, on one hand claims that his mistake in life was believing the situation could be changed through the government, but on the other hand, he is ready to consume Taliban’s dirt to get into power.

Spanta continues with his pseudo-professor poses:

“Peace will only have its real value in Afghanistan when all men and women, ethnicities and residents even the smallest of them; followers of different religions will have equal rights in a unified and independent Afghanistan. Everyone be equally subjected to the rule of law and enjoy the same civil and constitutional freedoms. Peace can’t last without justice, equality and democracy.”

Mr. Spanta, instead of all this speech, quotes and copying the definition of peace from your political science books, we wish you maintained some honor and be ashamed of sitting next to Atta, Qanoni, Isamil, Mohaqiq, Gulbudin and other murderers who have fought against these human values their entire life and turned the nation into blood and rubbles. If Spanta was not self-sold, he should have stated that expecting “justice and equality” and “democracy” from murderer Taliban is nothing more than self-deception and those who expect mercy and compassion from wolves are either stupid, blind and dumb or they are agents of a certain country.

Of course, such integrity can’t be expected from Spanta. A person who in spite of receiving insults and degradation from Karim Khurram, is indifferent and mentioning his behavior proudly in his book and along him rushes to Moscow to kiss the feet of Taliban, how can he be expected to talk about the pain of people?

Mr. Spanta, shamelessness has also a limit! You, who is still bragging about drafting the sell-off document of Afghanistan or according to you and other lackeys, a Bilateral Security Agreement with the United States, which only resulted in further bloodshed and destruction, how dare you talk about the “end of these destructive interventions in our country” and “foreign policy and security policy, or part of the foreign and security policy, are subject to the decisions of other countries”? But, did you not pave the way for “devastating interventions in our country” with your dirty share in the sell-off document, making our already blood immersed people “subject to the decisions of other countries”, especially the United States?

Latif Pedram, also for a moment hiding his slogans of Federalism, Tajikism and Khurasanism, happily engaged with Taliban’s representative and behaved as two lovers, smiling and walking across the hotel corridor just so he can have a share in the future Taliban mixed government.

Our people must not forget that the alliance of all these reclined traitors in the government with the Taliban will lead to more bloody days. This situation only facilitates and legalizes US occupation. Bringing the sadist Gulbudin and now the Taliban, once again proves that the occupier countries, especially the United States, pick any criminal to protect their interests and they don’t care what oppression and pain will endure the people of that land, because their only purpose is to ensure their strategic and economic interests and to meet these interests, they are ready to kill millions and arm and equip the most notorious elements to the teeth.

Meetings such as Moscow and Qatar, etc…, and Khalilzad’s initiatives will not bring anything positive for peace in our homeland. These are the continuation of the same scandalous games called “Peace” and “Reconciliation”, which have been played for over 40 years in different ways and had the nation awaiting. The roots of the war in Afghanistan are the occupation by the US, Nato, regional and global power’s excruciating conflicts and the presence of their fundamentalist and non-fundamentalist minions. Until and unless, these parasites aren’t eliminated, our country will not experience peace and prosperity, and cutting off these roots is only possible through the hands of our people under the leadership of an independent, progressive and justice-seeking force.


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