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Demonstrators in Afghanistan Protest Iran Regime’s Crimes Against Migrants

Source: NCRI; Jun 11, 2020

Demonstrators in Afghanistan Protest Iran Regime’s Crimes Against Migrants

On Tuesday, hundreds of Afghan citizens held a protest outside the Iranian regime’s embassy in Kabul against the regime’s crimes against Afghan migrants, particularly two recent mass killings of Afghan migrants in Iran.

The demonstration in Kabul was organized by the Afghanistan Solidarity Party. Participants condemned the attack by the regime’s forces on a vehicle of Afghan migrants, which resulted in some Afghan citizens being burnt alive. A similar protest was held in Helmand province.

Reports from Iran indicate that on June 4, the Iranian regime’s forces opened fire on a car carrying Afghan migrants in Yazd, central Iran, which resulted in their car crashing and catching fire. Three Afghan migrants were killed, and others were seriously injured. The regime’s security forces left the scene immediately.

Ahmad Tarhomi Behabadi, the political deputy of Yazd’s Governor, tried to whitewash this crime by laying the blame on victims for not paying attention to the security forces’ warnings.

“The driver continued to drive on the wheel rings, and due to sparks from the rings, high speed, and flammable material, the car caught fire,” he blatantly said. While by making these remarks, Behabadi tried to portray the regime’s security forces as guardians of peace, reports from Iran confirm that over 50 Afghan migrants were arrested, viciously tortured, and drowned by the regime’s border guards in early May.

During their protests on Tuesday, Afghan citizens also condemned the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) border guards drowning of over fifty Afghan migrants in May. In Kabul, demonstrators splashed red paint on the regime’s embassy and demanded its closure with the regime’s ambassador expelled.

The Iranian regime, with it institutionalized corruption, oppression and terrorism has brought nothing but misery for the Iranian people and the people in the Middle East. Therefore, these crimes against poor migrants are in line with the regime’s crimes against the Iranian people, particularly now, amid the COVID-19 crisis, and regime’s inaction and cover–up in handling it.

Due to the severe economic situation and after decades of war and chaos, Afghan migrants go to Iran as breadwinners of their families. Yet, the mullahs’ regime kills, discriminates and disrespects poor migrants. The regime has also been recruiting Afghan migrants to fight its proxy wars, particularly the Syrian war since 2011. By granting them residency and $1500 a month, they regime has been manipulating and forcing Afghan migrants to fight for Bashar-al Assad’s regime in Syria.

In this regard, Parviz Fattah, the head of the Mostazafan (Abased) Foundation, told the state tv that Qassem Soleimani received funds from his foundation to pay 1,500 a month to the members of the regime’s Afghan proxy group Fatemiyoun in Syria.

The Iranian Resistance has condemned the regime’s crimes against migrants in Iran. The Iranian regime has brought nothing but chaos for the people of Iran and the Middle East.

Iran Concerned About Protest Near Kabul Embassy

Source: avapress; Jun 13, 2020

Iran Concerned About Protest Near Kabul Embassy

People have staged demonstrations at the Iranian embassy in Kabul and thrown colours at its buildings to protest the deaths of Afghan migrants in Iran.

Managing Director of Iranian Foreign Ministry for West Asian Affairs Rasoul Mousavi said they were concerned about the impact of such events on their bilateral relations.

Protestors gather outside Iran embassy in Kabul

Source: MENAFN; Jun 07, 2020

 Protestors gather outside Iran embassy in Kabul

(MENAFN - Pajhwok Afghan News) KABUL (Pajhwok): A protest demonstration was staged in front of the Iranian Embassy in Kabul against the killing and wounding of some Afghan passengers in the neighboring country.

The protest comes after Iranian officials acknowledged their forces opened firing at a vehicle with Afghans onboard, leaving three people dead and some injured.

Three Afghans were killed and eight others injured when their vehicle caught fire in the Yazd province two days ago.

In a video message, Afghan Ambassador to Tehran Abdul GhafoorLiwal said he visited Yazd province on Friday.

The protesters belonging to the Solidarity Party chanted slogans 'Burning and drowning an unforgivable crime, we will not forgive Khamenei, Iran is the brother of Taliban and Daesh.'

They said vowed to we avenge the Afghan blood. Selai Ghafar, spokeswoman for the party, told Pajhwok Afghan News that firing on Afghan refugees and drowning of Afghan workers in the Harirod river were crimes against humanity.

She said, 'We youth of the Solidarity Party, both boys and girls, gathered in front of the Iranian 'spy house' in Kabul and painted the embassy gate with red color to express our hatred to the Iranian government.'

Also on Sunday, Kabul urged Tehran to sign a memorandum of understanding between the two countries on traffic of workers in order to prevent illegal travel and unfortunate incidents.

People of Afghanistan protest against Iranian regime’s crimes against migrants

Source: mek-iran; Jun 13, 2020

People of Afghanistan protest against Iranian regime’s crimes against migrants

In the city of Kabul, hundreds of Afghan citizens gathered outside the Iranian embassy. They voiced their anger and outrage about the treatment that Afghan migrants have been subjected to by the Iranian regime.

The Afghanistan Solidarity Party organized the demonstration and supported those voicing their anger.

Several recent incidents have sparked the anger of the Afghan migrant community. One such incident was the vehicle carrying Afghan citizens that were attacked by forces of the Iranian regime. This incident ended with several Afghans being burned alive. Reports surrounding the incident that happened on Thursday 4th June indicate that agents of the Iranian regime opened fire on a car in Yazd in the central part of the country. The car crashed and subsequently caught fire. Several people were gravely injured and three people died. Reports say that the agents involved in the incident immediately fled.

The aftermath of the incident has further outraged many, with officials trying to turn the blame back on the people in the car. The political deputy of the Governor of Yazd Ahmad Tarhomi Behabadi said that the victims did not listen to warnings given by the security forces, therefore the perpetrators of the crime cannot be blamed.

This incident comes just a few weeks after a previous incident in which dozens of Afghan migrants were killed by border officials. At the beginning of May, it is believed that dozens (more than 50) of Afghan migrants were killed. They were arrested by agents of the Iranian regime’s security forces, and subsequently brutally tortured, and then drowned. The security forces involved in the incident were Iranian regime border guards.

The treatment of these migrants, although shocking, is not surprising. The Iranian regime is brutal and treats its citizens with such disregard. Widespread corruption that has lasted for many years has led to the regime’s current crisis. It has destroyed the country’s economy, partly due to the terrorist activities it has been sponsoring across the world, and it is in a desperate situation.

The people of Iran have been putting pressure on the regime that is already under immense pressure from the international community, in particular the United States. The Coronavirus outbreak has exacerbated the many existing problems, including unemployment and other social crises.

(PMOI / MEK Iran) considers this horrific crime to be an example of a crime against humanity and an example of the unbridled cruelty of the ruling clerics of Iran and the repressive forces under their command.

The Afghan protesters in Kabul graffitied on the regime’s embassy and called on the ambassador to be expelled. Following years of chaos and war, many Afghans migrated to Iran. The regime was offering a monthly salary which attracted many migrants, but they were treated very badly and were forced to fight on Iran’s behalf in Syria.

Many of the young migrants were killed while fighting for the regime and Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad and their families were left with nothing. The regime’s disregard for the lives of others is alarming.

The Iranian Resistance (NCRI) has highlighted the Iranian regime’s crimes in this regard and urges the international community to hold it accountable for its crimes against migrants.


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