The US Govt. and Its Minions Forgive Anas Haqqani, But Our Mourning People Never Forgive Him!

The US Govt. and Its Minions Forgive Anas Haqqani, But Our Mourning People Never Forgive Him!

On 11th November 2019, Ashraf Ghani, standing beside some other stooges, announced that he will release Anas Haqqani and his two bloodthirsty companions, Abdul Rashid Omari and Mali Khan. They, once again using their hypocritical methods, tried to throw dust in the eyes of the people, and by discovery of the term “conditional release”, they don’t mean anything else but to give message to the terrorists, they are more than welcome to kill any number of innocent Afghans, but not their common foreign masters. Some years back, when Ghani, to calm down the anger of people, said that he will order the execution of Anas Haqqani, it was clear that it is mere lie. It is not possible for a traitor government to execute its crime partner, when it spreads red carpet for the murderous Gulbuddin or when hundreds of Khalqi, Parchami, Jihadi and Taliban criminals are lying on the high official posts. Anas Haqqani, the prominent member of the barbaric Haqqani Network and raised by CIA and ISI, has involved in tens of suicide attacks resulting in the dead of hundreds of innocent compatriots. The release of this heinous terrorist to exchange with two foreign professors, once more proved that for the US and Western broods, the fate of two foreign citizens are more valuable and important than the life of millions of Afghans.

Today, Ghani and his partners, to justify their betrayal, are trying to depict the blue-eyed son of Jalaluddin Haqqani as non-militant and innocent person. Our people, especially the victims’ families, are asking you conscienceless figures, this simple question, what if this filthy brood of ISI would have been in charge of military issues, wouldn’t you released him? Didn’t you release the herd of assassins of Gulbuddin from the prison? Didn’t you release the flock of the medieval Taliban from the prison? On the other hand, Ghani stated that he has done this “in close consultation with Afghanistan’s international partners and especially USA.” This statement of Ghani, even doesn’t deserve a sneer. Once again, our compatriots ask Ghani, if his master care about him to do any “consultation” with him? Do the odious procreations, prior to you, had any value for their foreign masters so they do any consultation with them? You are leaning staff of US and West, with no will of your own, only to implement the criminal policies of White House and you are used as toilet paper.

Some days back, the dirt-cleaners of Afghan Government such as Sadiq Saddiqui were calling the release of Anas Haqqani as the “red line of the government”; however, the release of this bloodsucker showed that for a puppet government, there can’t be any red line, because their red and non-red line of these minions are specified by their foreign owners.

Another familiar trick of Ghani and his bootlickers is that they call the release of the terrorists, a “step towards peace”. However, this claim, alike the brouhahas before signing of selling Afghanistan to USA, is a rascally delusion that has nothing to do with peace. Forty years of Afghan war and bloodshed have shown that peace can be never achieved by undermining justice. With such stupid ransom, the terrorist gangs are emboldened to target civilians more brutally and take more hostages to exchange them at an appropriate time. Just one day after announcing the release of these three vampires, our unfortunate nation paid the price with the death of 14-years-old Dunya, 7-years-old Hadis and several other civilians in the suicide attack in Kabul.

Let US Ambassador John Bass call this betrayal of the Afghan Government a “brave act”; let Rahmatullah Nabil, the test nut of USG, depict Anas Haqqani as a robin bird; let Ismail Khan welcomes the release of his like-minded brothers; let Haji Din Mohamad with his shameful smile—which is in fact the mockery of the thousands of martyrs and wounded ones in suicide attacks—call him the beloved son of Jalaluddin Haqqani; and let Khalilzad and the puppet Afghan government forgive the figures such as Anas Haqqani, but our oppressed people never forgive them. From the grave of every victim and the sigh and moan of every mourning mother, there arises only one cry: We Neither Forgive Nor Forget!

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan calls the pardoning and release of the nation’s killers, a treacherous act and against the universally accepted norms, and as an evidence of US and Western countries’ support for terrorists and mafia groups who are not committed to any humanitarian principle in pursuit of their interests.

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan

15th November 2019


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