Ms. Sima Samar Forgives the ‘Sanguinary Executioners’

Sima Samar: Forgive War Criminals

Recently, Sima Samar, chairperson of the Afghanistan (non)Independent Human Rights Commission requested the victims of the past three decades of war to forgive the war criminals. She made this plea when the death list of 5000 victims of the treacherous Russian stooges had been released, and had left the families and relatives in deep sorrow. She made this appeal at a time when a dozen of the worst perpetrators and cause of the demolishment and murder of our oppressed people, have queued in the elections to take over Arg – presidential palace, and prepared to straddle our people once more.

These criminals with their blood-stained hands and grave past, claim to be heroes and are not even ready to fake an apology to our people. They can only be forgiven by people who were their partners in crime or whose consciences have been bought by the money paid by the war criminals or their foreign masters. Ms. Samar should know that the false apologies of these criminals will never be accepted by our people. One of them issues a so-called apology and then expects the people to accept him as a vice-president!

The human rights commission in Afghanistan which is chaired by Ms. Sima Samar, was to document the war crimes of the past three decades and pave the ground for transitional justice to be established. Except for the consistent ‘expressions of concern’ they have done nothing. The report she claims to have prepared is locked in the commission’s archive on the advice of criminals and the mafia Karzai government.

Protest of families of three decades war.
Criminals may forgive each other a thousand times over, but our people will not rest until they are prosecuted and punished.

The Human Rights Watch protested the candidacy of a number of people accused of being involved in war crimes and human rights violations, in the approaching elections of Afghanistan:

Had the Afghan government in the last decade properly addressed crimes of the past, several current candidates would now be disqualified from seeking office – or would even be serving time.

Not addressing the human rights issue in practice and only mentioning it as slogans is one of the actions of the human rights commission which has benefited the criminals. It is also the reason why the kingpins of crime and barbarism are ruling over our nation today. It is why human rights violations are increasing day by day in an unprecedented manner, and our people are being oppressed and terrorized in new ways.

I got the book ‘In the Memory of the Missing Martyrs’ published by the commission a few days back. When I saw the cover I optimistically thought that the commission has finally published the stories of the ‘missing martyrs’ and certainly exposed new facts. But when I turned the pages I found out that they had just published the names of the 5000 people from the death-list released by the Netherlands Police, in an ugly manner with a short preface written by Ms. Sima Samar. All the ‘activities’ of the commission have been money-consuming and worthless like this one.

Ms. Samar writes in the preface of the book:

“The release of this list has refreshed the wounds of this land and its people. Even with a quick look at the list, we can conclude that no one from any tribe or strata was spared by the sanguinary executioners at the time. They had no mercy on anyone when killing and eliminating them.”

Membership of Sima Samar with Hezb-e-Wahdat
A document revealing Sima Samar’s membership in the criminal Wahdat Party.

But it was after the publication of this book that she pleaded and requested the families whose ‘wounds had been refreshed’ to forgive the ‘sanguinary executioners’.
Why should a person who is a true protector of human rights and defender of the victims, make such requests which are against human rights and basic human standards? We can determine the reason from the next lines of her preface:

“While it is very difficult for me to control my emotions at this moment, I cannot express these emotions due to the obligations of my duty.”

Yes, the ‘obligations of duty’!

Sima Samar, who was one the members of the central council of the criminal Wahdat Party and has served the colonial policies of the West as one of the agents of the puppet regime in the past 12 years, naturally has ‘obligations of duty’ which are rescuing war criminals from the blade of justice and inhibiting the rage of the people by conning them. And to be fair she has been excellently successful in this duty and awarded so many prizes from contaminated bodies.

While the 5000 death-list caused a wave of activities by people demanding justice and prosecution of the perpetrators of the massacres of the past three decades, Ms. Samar requests the victims to forgive the murderers of their loved ones. Is she really saying this due to a lack of understanding of the importance of justice and the prosecution of the human rights violators? No, that is not the case. She is well-aware of the dire need of justice and prosecution of criminals, but her ties to those responsible for these crimes and the ‘obligations’ of her ‘duty’ force her to throw dust in the eyes of the people, and ask them to forgive the ‘sanguinary executioners’.

She wrote in an article titled ‘Securing justice is the duty of the government’:

“Administration of justice is one of the urgent needs of our country and society in achieving a just society based on human rights… The experiences of the past ten years show that without securing justice and providing reasonable and acceptable responses to the demands of the victims, and without investigating the crimes committed in the past, we cannot attain a stable and just society where people live with safety and security.” (December 11, 2013)

The question that comes to the mind of every curious reader is that when she herself recognizes that justice is this important for the future stability and security of a country, then why is she asking the people whose hearts have been pierced by the injustice and crimes of the past three decades, to forgive the murderers? Why has she not taken any steps for the ‘administration of justice’ in the past decade?

The answer is clear. ‘Forgiving’ criminals is actually the US’s demand for continuing the plunder and looting of our country. This demand is voiced by Sima Samar and its other agents. A quick glance at the history of the US intervention in several countries reveals clearly that the US has only been able to suppress a nation in its claws and loot it when it has installed the most criminal, anti-people, and treacherous forces and figures in power. Only such repugnant elements can uphold the interests of the US and every other occupier whole-heartedly. It was on the basis of this policy that in the past twelve years, the US has portrayed the Afghan oppressors as champions and whitewashed them with all its might. This is why the US has joined the hands of the Khalqi and Parchami, factional, Taliban, and Gulbuddini murderers with a group of technocrats on its leash, and included them all in the pillage of our country.

“The force that gave us the strength to continue our movement, was our children. We were the first mothers to be born of our children. We did not want their sacrifice to go to waste.”
Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo – Argentina

The demand to ‘forget the past’ and ‘forgive criminals’ which is the slogan of all the mercenaries of the US, is not coincidental. It is the main method the US uses to enchain poor countries. The US has followed a similar line of action after intervening in or occupying a country: installing dictators and murderers with trickery or bloodshed, handing its stooges a list of intellectuals and freedom-fighters to be eliminated, and then it sits back and watches their massacre. When that country is cleared of thinkers, and national and independence-seeking minds, the US depicts its dictator stooges as champions till the time they serve its interests, and then it ravages and loots that country.

Cheryl Benard, spouse of Zalmay Khalilzad and a senior analyst with the RAND Corporation has a confession about the implementation of the first stage of the US policy which was clearing our country from national and progressive elements:

“… Then, we allowed them to get rid of, just kill all the moderate leaders. The reason we don’t have moderate leaders in Afghanistan today is because we let the nuts kill them all. They killed the leftists, the moderates, the middle-of-the-roaders. They were just eliminated, during the 1980s and afterward.” (Asia Times, March 18, 2010)

A bunch of Nazi fascist working for CIA
A group of Nazi fascists who were saved from prosecution and brought to the US’s service in an undercover operation by the CIA.

The practice of ‘forgiving criminals’ was started by the US at the end of the Second World War in 1945 when it rescued about 760 dangerous Nazi workers – who were working on the most appalling weapons and military technology for the Hitler fascism and were responsible for the killing of millions of human beings – and placed them in the most sensitive bodies in the US. After that, the same practice has occurred in many countries. If you are unaware of this, go through the history of how the rabid hyenas of the US like Suharto in Indonesia, Fujimori in Peru,  Noriega in Panama, Pinochet in Chile, Castillo Armas in Guatemala, and Hugo Banzer in Bolivia, were brought to power in their countries and the crimes they committed against their nations.

The Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission is one the bodies that implements this policy of the US under the guise of ‘human rights’, ‘transitional justice’, and under the excuse that ‘Afghanistan cannot probe war crimes and crimes against humanity in the current situation’. Ms. Samar witnesses that murderers and traitors have an open hand in oppressing and tyrannizing our people, the most dangerous killers are freed from prisons, and the filthiest games are being played with the fate of our people and victims. If she had had the slightest sympathy with the victims, she would have immediately resigned from this post and freed herself from the burden of responsibility in the ongoing disasters.


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