Programme of the Solidarity Party of Afghanistan


Even during its quasi-democratic period (1963-73) Afghanistan was one of the most backward countries of the world. The domination of the Russian occupiers and their agents and the terror and barbarism unleashed over the last two decades have,more than anything else, devastated the country.

Despite the invasion of Afghanistan by the “international alliance” and the ISAF military contingents, the situation in the country has become even more critical and our homeland still languishes in instability, insecurity, war and the tyranny of warlords and their literary apologists. Ethnic, tribal, regional, religious and linguistic discordimpair our national unity, and the majority of the people, particularly women, who experience the most horrendous violations of human rights in different forms still cannot feel safe. Despite their heroic resistance and suffering over a million casualties, vast segments of the population neither have adequate food nor shelter, nor do they have access to educational, health or other basic services. Government and non-government bodies are awash in graft, bribery and influence peddling. Freedom of expression, freedom of the media and freedom to form political parties are stifled. Afghans produce the highest numbers of immigrant and displaced persons in the world. Due to the prevalence of backward relations of production and of interest groups serving foreign interests, our country is still a welcoming lair for indigenous and international terrorists. And last, but not least, ours is a society whose history of the past half century has been benighted by the shadow of fascism, terrorism and barbarism, a society that has never known or enjoyed real democracy. The challenge before us is to build this country and usher our agonised nation to prosperity and progress.

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan has been established in the hope and with the intent of creating a new Afghanistan based on enduring economic and social progress, freedom, democracy, equality and social justice. We are totally aware of the difficulties that lie ahead of us on our path towards fulfilling our prime duty which we deem–not to endlessly enunciate and elaborate on the sufferings of our people– butto mobilise and orientate them towards the total eradication of their miseries and the attainment of prosperity. We are also aware that our goals cannot be achieved through individual endeavour nor even through parochial organisational activity. For the attainment of the goals we have set ourselves, we believe in forging the most comprehensive unity possible with individuals and structured associations. For this reason, the Solidarity Party of Afghanistan sincerely extends its hand towards any compatriot or association of compatriots who truthfully and earnestly struggle for freedom and democracy.


We strive to attain the following objectives:

1. To have an independent, free, democratic and indivisible Afghanistan in which all the Afghan people will live without any discrimination whatsoever as to ethnicity, gender, tribal, religious, linguistic or regional affiliation in a spirit of solidarity and sense of security.

2. To establish a political dispensation which would have a national and democratic character, which would devolve the management of all affairs to those who are competent and which would be answerable to the people.

3. To establish and bolster the foundations of democracy and to defend the same by all effective means; to uphold the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Charter of the United Nations, to oppose harassment, torture and any kind of inhuman or degrading punishment.

4. To establish an economic system that would ensure public welfare, nurture national investment and attract foreign capital not detrimental to the country’s independence.

5. To abolish backward economic and cultural relations and uphold the rights of all toilers and trade unions.

6. To respect the religious beliefs of all the people of Afghanistan and to call for an end to all forms of fanaticism and misuse of the people’s religious beliefs, an immediate end to the treacherous belligerency of armed groups, the prosecution of all war criminals and perpetrators of high treason, and the confiscation and expropriation of the plethoric wealth that has been amassed by such elements since the shameful coup d’état of 28 April 1978.

7. To call for the unconditional and comprehensive disarmament of all armed bands, the creation of a national army and police force that would safeguard national independence and the territorial integrity of our country and which would be devoid of any relationships that would be incompatible with national unity.

8. To strengthen friendly ties with other countries based upon the principles of peaceful co-existence;to maintain Afghanistan’s historic position of neutrality and to reject any kind of interference of other countries in our internal affairs. The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan holds Russia responsible for payment of war reparations and clearing of mines planted in Afghanistan.

9. To oppose any and all forms of aggression of one country against another, and to deems itself bound to support movements for national liberation and emancipation.

10. As a basic premise, to conduct unwavering struggle against terrorism everywhere and in all its forms, and to sever the hands of the foreign sponsors of terrorism in our country.

11. To uphold women’s rights on the basis of the equality of rights for men and women.

12. To eradicate the cultivation, production, trafficking, propagation and abuse of narcotic substances.

13. To push for compulsory primary and free secondary and higher education, the sound physical and psychological upbringing and wellbeing of children, youth, women and men, and diligent struggle against sexual abuse and violence, trafficking and child labour.

14. To provide free access to health services for the people, decent means of livelihood for low-rank government employees, teachers and workers.

15. To promote the flourishing of salutary arts and better living conditions for artists; to encourage and popularise sports throughout the country through provision of necessary athletic facilities, particularly for young girls and boys.

16. To preserve existing archaeological sites and artifacts, restore damaged and vulnerable artifacts, and recover plundered historical treasures and objets d’art.

17. To uphold the demand for decent living conditions for nomads and to see to their health, education and settlement needs; to advocate the resettlement of displaced people, resolution of their conflicts and provision of economic support to them to the extent that they become self-sustaining.

18. To advocate free training and employment support to the disabled and families of martyrs and to destitute women and children.

19. To advocate all-round and earnest attention to the living conditions of retirees and the elderly, and to the payment of pensions.

20. The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan shall conduct all its activities within the framework of the constitution of Afghanistan, despite certain shortcomings therein.


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