Message of the Solidarity Party of Afghanistan to congress of SEL – Italy

Dear Friends of SEL,

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan sends it salutations to your congress and extends heartfelt thanks to you for inviting us to attend it, but we are sorry that due to visa problems our representative could not attend it. We wish every success to your congress.

We are sending you this message from Afghanistan, a country which is drown in blood and war in the past over three decades and today once again it is a battle field in the chess game of the Western powers in Asia and our suffering people are being victimized from different sides.

In the past nine years, the occupation forces led by the US make fool of the world by saying that they are there to bring democracy and liberation to Afghan people, but in fact they are there to advance their own strategic, economic and military interests and make Afghan people pawns in their bloody game.

The US and NATO claim that they are fighting terrorism, but in fact they themselves are terrorizing our people through their bombings and use of dangerous weapons. They have hidden links with terrorist groups and bands of Mafia. They have installed a puppet regime which compromises of sworn enemies of Afghan people. Today the best friends of the US and NATO in Afghanistan are warlords and drug-lords like Abdul Rab Rasul Sayyaf, Karim Khalili, Qasim Fahim, Dr. Abdullah, Burhanuddin Rabbani, Mohammad Mohaqiq, Atta Mohammad and many other such murderers and dark-minded people, who have a long history of human rights violations and atrocities against our defenseless people.

The US and NATO changed Afghanistan to the world capital of drug Mafia which produces over 90% of world opium. They also changed Afghanistan to 2nd most corrupt country in the world where billions of $ of aid is being looted by the warlords, ministers, national and international NGOs.  The foreign troops themselves are engaged in drug trafficking and corruption which has made the life of ordinary Afghans bleak and unbearable.

Majority of Afghan people and especially its women are living in destitution and under very hard conditions. The level of poverty, injustice, inequality and tension in Afghanistan was never such high like today.  But everything is done under the fake banner of democracy and justice.

Afghan people are being pressured by two major enemies, from one side brutal and ignorant Taliban, who are being supported by Pakistan, Iran and others, kill and torture them, and from another side the occupation forces and their puppet government of warlords make life unbearable for them.

Taliban and occupation forces both are enemies of Afghanistan and its people and our democratic-minded and progressive groups have a hard struggle ahead to fight both of them. It is really shocking for us to see some so-called progressive and even leftist groups in the West regard Taliban as anti-imperialist force and see them as “national movements” against occupation. They forget that the Taliban and Al-Qadea both are reactionary and terrorist groups created by the US and CIA and today they have links with international terrorism and are supported by fundamentalist governments such as the Iranian fascist regime. They do not represent Afghan people and their war is mainly against our innocent people.

The so-called new strategy of Obama for Afghanistan and increasing troops have already turned Afghanistan tragedy towards disasters. There is a surge in the level of innocent Afghan civilians killed by NATO. The US talks of “war on terror” but tries to do reconciliation with Taliban and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and share power with these blood-thirsty forces. The US puppet regime of Hamid Karzai created a so-called “Peace Council” to deal for sharing power with these savage groups. If they join the government, its prospect for Afghan people will be dark because it will be like unity of wolves and vultures to jointly lacerate our unfortunate nation.

Respected friends,

The Western governments talk about democracy but act exactly against democracy and justice. They waste the tax-payers money and blood of your sons for a war which is neither in the benefit of Afghan nor Western people.  In the past nine years they armed and empowered the most dangerous reactionary fundamentalist groups in Afghanistan because they know that only such groups will better serve their interests in Afghanistan. The US/NATO try to block any options for emergence of a progressive and democratic-minded force in Afghanistan because such forces will never obey them. They are busy in seeding ethnic, lingual, religious and other differences among our people to more deeply move Afghanistan towards conflict which will prepare the conditions for their long stay in Afghanistan and to endanger the interests of their Asian rivals such as China, Russia, Iran and others.

We think neither the US and NATO nor reactionary fundamentalist groups such as Taliban will bring peace, justice and democracy for Afghanistan. Only Afghan people themselves can liberate Afghanistan if they are united under the banner of a progressive and independent party and we are working towards this very vital goal. While progressive and democratic groups are under constant pressure from all sides and are being ignored, The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan has vowed to rise against occupation and fundamentalism and mobilize poor masses of Afghanistan for a decisive fight for independence, justice and democracy in our land.

Our party faces many obstacles and limitations in its fight, but despite all the problems and risks, we continue to organize demonstrations, functions and run our campaign among ordinary Afghan people in villages of Afghanistan. Afghan people are fed up of the occupation, their puppet regime and the Taliban, and our message is strongly welcomed and supported by majority of people, but unfortunately ours and other democratic-minded groups are not supported by any source and we face many challenges and restrictions.

While Western powers including Italian government play with the fate of our people and support our enemies and make barriers for advancement of democratic forces, we count on the support and help of leftist, anti-war and like-minded individuals and groups in these countries. We call on you not to forget your comrades in Afghanistan who are risking their life for a just cause. We need your solidarity in words and in action. We need your financial and material support in our hard fight against powerful armed enemies.

We thank you again for remembering your Afghan comrades and hope in future we could strengthen our relations and organize joint actions against occupation.

With eternal greetings
Solidarity Party of Afghanistan


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