Translation of a Persian poem depicting current situation of Afghanistan

American soldier kill afghans

Recently, I came across a very inspiring poem in Dari by Arzhang, which depicts the current harsh situation of my country. In a land where a mother is forced to sell her child for Afs. 2000 (US$ 40) to save the life of her other children from hunger and cold winter; the artists are busy to praise their lover’s eyes and lips, but I am hopeful a day will come when this child will raise to save other children from being sold and sing the songs of freedom. I would like to dedicate the translation of this poem to the sold nameless child.

Word Naked

I am badly wounded

The wound which can be healed

To strive for freedom

In sparkle for independence


Prostitutes are master for moral

And assassins

Are history’s heroes.

The man carrying crown on his head

Looks like a whore who everyday

Sleeps with an illegitimate

And his renewed nasty smile

Makes Shah Shuja 1 ashamed.

Karzai madel to Bush gate petrus


Pentagon’s machine gun

And Omar’s 2 emirates

Are recommendations for existence of “Democracy”

Some infamous

Calls the shadow of CIA

Goddess of salvage

And the nailing of occupation

On civilians’ heart:

“Nobility”, “Progress” and “Eminence”.

The King

With no remorse

Attaches the medal of Akbar Khan 3

On Macnaghten’s 4 chest

In the “Alien’s Graveyard” 5

And to the butchers of human beings

With no hesitance

Has put on auction

Not only my blood

Not only my land

My ancestor’s identity

And my mother’s honor.


The word’s pimps

Laughing loudly

Making words of gathering

The bullshit of aliens

And dirt of durbar,

So by negligence of people

They relax on the seat of scorn and robbery

And We

With swelled feet

And sewed mouth

USA war crime

Not like Farukhi 6

Only thinking of ourselves

Scandalizing the time


It is not worthy for cleans.


Disobedient Spartacus 7

Roaring Gonzalo 8 in the cage

Combatant Vietnamese

I am only searching for

Your pride

Your bravery

In a land with its rulers

Passive of the period

And infamous in the history.


Asks eternally for

My life

Your voice

Like the resistance of aware martyrs

In the avenue where alive ones are captives.

Arise for polishing your thoughts

USA war crime killed 10 children in kunar

And dedicate your all possessions for love and freedom

So the world based on justice

Like sun, shines on everyone equally.



1- Shuja Shah (November 4, 1785 – April 5, 1842), the Afghan king who was brought to power by British Empire and was killed by an Afghan freedom-fighter. Shah Shuja is synonym of motherland-selling for Afghan people.

2- Mullah Omar, leader of Taliban.

3- Mohammad Akbar Khan (1816-1845), was the Afghan prince and general to lead the Afghan forces against British troops during First Afghan Anglo War (1839-1842) and defeated the occupiers’ forces.

4- William Hay Macnaghten (24 August 1793 – 23 December 1841), political agent of British India Empire to Afghanistan and supporter of Shah Shuja, who was killed by Mohammad Akbar Khan during First Afghan Anglo War.

5- Afghanistan is also known as Alien’s Graveyard for defeating Genghis Khan, British and Russian Empires.

6- Mirza Mohammad Farukhi Yazdi, the Iranian great and freedom-loving poet and journalist, who was killed in prison for his political views.

7- Spartacus (109–71 BC) was a gladiator, who was one of the slave leaders in the Third Servile War, a major slave uprising against the Roman Empire.

8- Manuel Rubén Abimael Guzmán Reynoso (born 3 December 1934), also known by the nom de guerre Presidente Gonzalo (English: Chairman Gonzalo), a former professor of philosophy, was the leader of the Shining Path, Peru. Shining Path is on the U.S. Department of State's "Designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations" list The United Kingdom, the European Union. On 12 September 1992, when Alberto Fujimori was on power, he was captured and was later exhibited publicly in a cage with a black and white striped uniform. He is currently incarcerated at the Callao naval base, near the city of Lima, Peru.


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