About Us

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA) is a political party, established on 17th April 2004, by a group of progressive and pro-democracy intellectuals. The founders of the party have the background of struggle against fundamentalist and non-fundamentalist reactionary forces, and for many years, were busy in underground struggle for justice in the difficult situations, imposed by traitor-to-the-people regimes.

SPA struggles for freedom, independence, democracy and social justice, and considers Afghanistan as an occupied country, ruled by a puppet regime. Our party is one of the few political forces in the country which doesn’t belong to any particular ethnic group or geographical location, and works within all walks of life and ethnic groups. Solidarity Party is mostly known for having protest rallies in different parts of the country, uncompromising and outspoken stand. The resolute and without any dealing-and-wheeling policies of the party have caused its members and supporters to be arrested and humiliated by security forces. In June 2012, SPA was banned, but later on due to pressure from Afghan citizens and support of international freedom-loving organizations and figures, the Afghan government stepped back.

Selay Ghaffar is a prominent and compassionate politician and human rights activist from war-torn Afghanistan. Currently she is the permanent leading member and spokesperson for Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA). Beside her political work, she is an outspoken women’s right activist who serves her people and country since she was merely 14 years, when she started to teach her fellow refugee over aged women and girl literacy in home-based classes. Her commitment and struggle for women’s right and elimination of violence against women includes drafting Afghanistan’s first EVAW Law and meanwhile she has expertise in CEDAW and UNSCR 1325. She has worked hard for EVAW, education of girls and economic empowerment of women as head of a non-governmental organization and still her efforts is continuing. She is very well known for her struggle against fundamentalist factions and a very vocal opponent of Afghan so-called “unity government”, US and Allies. She is in the forefront of all rallies and protest gatherings, mostly organized by her party, against the warlords, Taliban, ISIS, NATO forces and government barbaric acts and other social injustices. She has been part of all solidarity marches, also organized by SPA, defending the emancipatory and progressive struggles of captive nations of the world such as Kurdistan, Iran and Palestine. She always takes park in TV political round tables and programs where she disclose the harsh realities of the country and give awareness messages in order to mobilize people for an action. Despite facing life threatening attacks, she fearlessly struggles for the emancipation of her compatriots from the shackles of religious and non-religious reactionary forces and their outsider masters.

SPA’s activates are run with the funds from party membership fee and donations from likeminded individuals and organizations. SPA is growing rapidly with high demands for membership, especially from youths, who consider this party as an alternative for a prosperous and free Afghanistan. Hambastagi Ghag (Voice of Solidarity) is the official monthly gazette of the party, published in Dari and Pashto.

Our Objectives
• A united, independent, free and democratic Afghanistan;
• National unity on the basis of an established, consolidated, secular-based democracy;
• Equality among women and men, and all ethnic groups in the country;
• Struggle against all brands of fundamentalism, reactionary forces and foreign interference;
• Immediate withdrawal of US-NATO occupation forces from Afghanistan;
• Defending the emancipatory and progressive struggles of captive nations of the world.

How You Can Help?
• Join us and become an active member of the party (for Afghans only);
• Introduce SPA objectives and activities within your community;
• Arrange fund raising events;
• Donate electric devices such as digital camera, laptop etc.;
• Translate our statements and articles into your language;
• Like and share our social media pages.

Contact Us
+93 700 23 15 90
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skype: solidarity.party.afg
Flickr: flickr.com/hambastagi
Telegram: t.me/AfghanSolidarity


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