Let us break the shameful silence against the painful fate of our Sikh and Hindu compatriots by struggle and resistance!

Let us break the shameful silence against the painful fate of our Sikh and Hindu compatriots by struggle and resistance!

The most noble and decent of Afghan minorities, the Sikhs and Hindus, have yet again suffered another painful bloodshed. On July 1st, 2018, while the whole Jalalabad city was on high alert due to a visit from Ashraf Ghani – even hotels were cleared of guests and shops were forcibly shut down – 19 people, including 17 of our Sikh and Hindu compatriots, were martyred and 10 others wounded, in a suicide bombing. The heinous massacre took place in front of the governor’s office where they had gathered to meet Ashraf Ghani. The puppet president had made false promises to examine their cases of property-grabbing by local warlords and powerful figures. According to eye witnesses, the representatives of the Sikh community had repeatedly contacted Hayatullah Hayat, governor of Nangarhar, asking him to allow them into the office, but despite Ghani’s remarks about the high security risks that day, they were made to wait for hours outside, until they were slaughtered in that horrifying manner.

Our Sikh and Hindu compatriots are indigenous to our homeland and have always made sacrifices for its freedom and independence. With the takeover of Kabul by Ikhwani parties, they faced tragedies and disasters that our history has rarely witnessed. The fundamentalist hyenas of the factions, committed the most brutal crimes and treacheries against this defenseless minority, especially in Karte Parwan and Shahre Kohna areas: they were beheaded for being infidels and non-believers; their properties and assets were grabbed; their women and girls were raped; men were forcibly circumcised, and hundreds of other barbaric crimes that make up the most shameful pages of our history. The Taliban brutes continued the fundamentalist factions’ oppression, and forced them to wear yellow clothing. All of these crimes, forced thousands of Sikh and Hindu families to leave their motherland, with only a few families left today. Now after seventeen years of the establishment of a so-called “democratic” government donated by the West, several heads of these fundamentalist parties, especially from Shoraye Nizar, continue to live in the lands grabbed from Hindus and Sikhs, and Karzai and Ghani have partnered with these traitors, and made no efforts for the return of our compatriots. Their kids have been deprived of education, they face discrimination and prejudice every day, and many of them live in gurdwaras (Sikh place of worship) because they don’t have any other shelter. Medieval-aged beings, of the Qazi Nazir Ahmad Hanafi kind, are sitting in the parliament and with the particular shamelessness of an Ikhwani, have termed our Hindu and Sikh compatriots as “neighbors”, and have not given them their most basic rights.

Our Hindu and Sikh brothers and sisters should have now found by experience, that they cannot fulfill their smallest demands and attain their basic rights by referring to the corrupt, traitorous government composed of their children’s murderers, or to the parliament composed of robbers. The rights of all religious minorities can only be guaranteed in a democratic society based on the secularism.

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA) expresses its deep, immense sorrow for the martyrdom of the Afghan Sikhs and Hindus, and reminds people that standing for the most oppressed and marginalized minorities of a society, is the benchmark for the commitment of a person or group of people, to democracy, justice, and freedom. Therefore, defending Hindus and Sikhs should be the top duty of every body that claims to be progressive and seeks freedom, otherwise their slogans would be deceptive and false. Avenging the deaths of Rayil Singh, Mir Singh, Otaar Singh, Biljeet Singh, Narendar Singh, Vicky Kumar, Amrik Singh, Anof Singh, and other victims of the Jalalabad tragedy, is our prime duty, and we stand by their families.

We will not forgive the killing of our Sikh and Hindu compatriots!

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan

July 5, 2018

Let us break the shameful silence against the painful fate of our Sikh and Hindu compatriots by struggle and resistance!


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