Let Farkhunda’s Blood-drenched Garment Be Our Banner In Our Struggle Against The Fundamentalists and Occupiers!

Let Farkhunda’s Blood-drenched Garment Be Our Banner In Our Struggle Against The Fundamentalists and Occupiers!

A year has elapsed since the horrendous day Farkhunda was tortured to death in Kabul, a day which plunged not only our people but the whole world into stunned fear and revulsion. But the comatose conscience of the wretched rulers of the land could not be roused, and Farkhunda’s real murderers and their patrons continue to thumb their noses at justice. Manifold stratagems have been used during the past year to shroud the incidence of the most calamitous savagery in our modern history.

The ridiculous “trial”, both open and behind closed doors, of a bunch of second-tier felons charged with the crime against Farkhunda proved the veracity of our assertion that such an atrocity would have been impossible without the patronage of arch-criminals reposing in the mullah-mafiaso government. Behind that unimaginable depravity lurked those who needed to keep the harrowing memory of the years of blood and betrayal alive in the minds of Kabulis, thereby cowing them into submission and acquiescence. But Farkhunda’s innocent blood tore away the mask of the obscurantist criminals, and for the first time in years galvanized our people into clamouring for justice and standing up against the barbarism of the fundamentalists.

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan, together with a group of avant-garde freedom-loving people, and in the face of objections and hurdles raised by the abettors of those who crushed and mutilated Farkhunda, have succeeded in erecting a monument in her memory. The Shaheed Farkhunda monument will stand as a testimonial to the pledge of those who have vowed to fight relentlessly against the ignominy of ignorance, bigotry, misogyny and obscurantism, and for the emancipation of our land from savagery, treachery and injustice.

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan once again reminds all our tormented people, as well as all committed and freedom-loving individuals and entities, that the blood of the martyred Farkhunda is the conscience of every honorable Afghan. Let us not allow the traitors to trample on our conscience and our honor. If justice is not befittingly served in Farkhunda’s case, no other girl or woman in our country will be safe. The fundamentalist criminals, aided by their quasi-intellectual apologists, would love to have our people forget their ferocious brutality against Farkhunda, Rukhshana, Tabasum and thousands of others of our other fellow captive women and men, but it is our duty to hoist the blood-drenched garments of all these Farkhundas as our banner in our quest for justice, because peace, stability and felicity cannot be attained without selfless struggle for what is right.

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan

Kabul, 17 March 2016


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