Pictures of SPA Protest to Condemn Crimes of Taliban

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August 2, 2015: Members and supporters of Solidarity Party organized for a protest gathering to condemn the crimes of Taliban. More than 500 women and men had participated in this gathering. Protestors were holding placards which carried pictures of the dark period of Taliban and victims of their suicide bombings and explosions. The following texts were written in Dari, Pashto and English: The ignoramus Taliban are passive minions of Pakistan and US Governments! Dealing with murderers of Zarmina is shameful! The call of revenge is coming from our innocent compatriots’ graves of Yakawlang, Mazar and Shamali! Mullha Omar is a stooge of US and Pak Governments and perpetrator of these crimes! Additionally, the protestors were also holding the crossed pictures of Taliban’s leaders such as Wakil Ahmad Mutawakil, Agha Jan Muhtasim, Mullah Abdul Salam Zahif, Said Muhammad Akbar Sadat, Abdul Hakim Mujahid, Mullah Akhtar Mansour, Mawlavi Qalamuddin, Taib Agha Talib, Abdul Haq Waseeq, Khairullah Khairkhaw, Muhammad Fazil Akhund, and their likeminded brother, Gulbudin Hikmatyar. The crossed pictures of self-sold pro-Taliban intellectuals like Wahid Muzhda, Rahmatullah Hashimi, Ishaq Nigargar and Rostar Taraki were also visible.

Selay Ghaffar, spokesperson of SPA, during her speech said:

“Taliban have announced three days of mourning for the death of their emir, but the disappearance of dirty corpses such as Mullah Omar, Jalaluddin Haqani and all their crime partners and their likeminded Tanzimi brothers, is not a mourning day for our people but the day of expressing their abhorrence along with feast and happiness. It is the vile people such as Wahid Muzhda, Rostar Taraki, Ishaq Nigargar, Nabi Misdaq, Karzai and others who may be mournful for the death of perfidious murders alike Mullah Omar, but not the people whose all essence have been torturous and tormented in the suicide bombing, explosion, kidnapping and other wilderness of Taliban.”

At the end of the protest, a street theater was performed that depicted the suffocating period of Taliban.


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