Let us unite in the face of the latest treason committed by the occupiers and their lackeys!

Let us unite in the face of the latest treason committed by the occupiers and their lackeys!

A decade has passed since the day our country was occupied by the invading US forces under the hypocritical banner of fighting terrorism, bringing democracy, human rights, etc. etc. The Americans breathed new life into the jihadi thieves and sell-outs who, until then, had been cowering like mice in their burrows in terror of their Taliban brethren-in-faith. Each and every one of those same cowards today is a cabinet minister, a provincial governor, a chief of police, a member of parliament, an ambassador or some other bigwig of the mafia regime. In the same manner, the Taliban, who had been created by the Americans in a day, were within a week made to disappear from the geography of Afghanistan and the sight of the “free world media”. In return, during this past decade, tens of thousands of our innocent compatriots have been blown to pieces in the most horrendous manner by aerial bombardments and night-time operations conducted by the occupying forces. Other than that, by staging mock fights with the Taliban and the Golbodin hordes –legitimate progeny of the CIA, but certainly the most illegitimate offspring of the Afghan homeland to pollute the pages of our history– the Americans sought to perpetuate their military presence in our country. At the same time, in order to deceive the world community and our hapless people, they unleashed torrents of propaganda and “academic” but deceitful justifications for their invasion through their mercenary intelligentsia and hired media.

The US government claims, on the one hand, that it is engaged in a “war against fundamentalism and terrorism”, but on the other hand it blesses the instalment of the likes of Farouq Wardak, Karim Khurram, Hadi Arghandiwal, Omar Daoudzai, Juma Khan Hamdard, Haji Farid, Jabbar Sabit and other cutthroats of Golbodin’s Hizb-e-Islami to key positions in the tinpot government, alongside its fundamentalist protégés of the Northern Alliance. Not content with such a choice setup, the US government now intends to have its beck-and-call Arab sheikhs mediate the reinstatement of Golbodin and Mullah Omar, the only missing pieces in its infernal board game of the quasi-fundamentalist puppet Afghan government. With such a denouement, the US will prove for the umpteenth time that it cannot do without its very own hired fundamentalists who have not yet outlived their usefulness for US strategic plans, both for keeping the Afghan people in bondage and for its other nefarious schemes in the region.

The US can no longer afford to bankroll both belligerent sides in the Afghan war, and the current economic crisis is pressing hard on the jugular vein of its hundred-thousand-plus strong occupation army. It needs to keep Afghanistan in its clutches but at less cost. Therefore, it is paving the way for the “legitimate” return to power of the Taliban and Golbodin savages, something which will bring nothing but suffocation, repression, plunder and even more horrendous catastrophes to our people. The Americans’ greatest strategic worry was to secure a military base in our country and have our territory “legally” appropriated by the violators of our compatriots’ pride and honour. The US easily attained this strategic objective, which for years neither British colonialism nor Russian neo-colonialism was able to achieve, through the good offices of its “legitimate” lapdogs and the made-to-order Loya Jirga.

The people of Afghanistan very much want the US administration to explain to them: How come Mr Golbodin and Mr Mullah Omar, who until yesterday figured prominently on the US most wanted list and had price tags of millions of dollars on their worthless heads –to fight whom torrents of blood have been shed– suddenly jumped from the black list to the white list? How come the White House now smiles on them and respectfully seeks to talk to them? How come the White House now seeks to hand the destiny of our nation over to these two criminals and their cutthroat bands? Who is responsible for all the innocent blood that has been spilt during the past ten years of invasion, terror and carnage? Who is responsible for our people’s devastation? If not the Americans, their NATO allies and their lackeys of different hues in the governing clique in Afghanistan, then who?

Despite the ridiculous show of contention with the Americans, Karzai agreed to the creation of a Taliban political representation office in Qatar and officially and openly entered into wheeling and dealing with the Taliban leaders. He politically crept into bed with Golbodin and spilt his plan to include his political bedfellow in the future government of Afghanistan to the media. On the other hand, US Vice President Joe Biden, after ten years of playing cat and mouse with the fundamentalist terrorists now admits that “the Taliban are not our enemy!” This is a reality that the Solidarity Party of Afghanistan has been continuously asserting from the very beginning. How can a venal mob, raised and bred by infernal entities such as the CIA and ISI, be enemies of the US? They are only sworn enemies to the people of Afghanistan.

All this hobnobbing and wheeling and dealing bear testimony that the US is still the real parent of all terrorists of the jihadi and Taliban brands, and its regional plans for this part of the world is still based on a policy of reliance on fundamentalist murderers. The US recognises these mercenary forces as venal and treacherous to their homelands, mercenaries who can be easily bought with money and official positions. According to this US policy, the day cannot be far off when linchpins of this treacherous gang such as Khairullah Khairkhwah, Mullah Obaidullah Akhund, Mullah Torabi, Noorullah Noori, Abdulhaq Wasiq, Mohammad Afzal et al. will be released from jail, and, after having the label “democrat” stamped on their foreheads, are installed in the tinpot Kabul government and awarded pomp and ceremony alongside the likes of “reformed” and “repentant” Taliban cutthroats such as Mullah Muttawakil, Arsala Rahmani, Mullah Zaeef and the like. The US plays out its game in Afghanistan through different hands. At the same time as it was frolicking with the Taliban terrorists, a bunch of its criminal henchmen were gathered together by the Germans to discuss, in the presence of US Congress representatives, the dismemberment of Afghanistan under the name of federalism. Like any neo-colonialist power, the US is making good use of the “divide and rule” maxim. Throughout the past ten years, the US and its allies have set different Afghan ethnic groups at each other’s throats and have mired the country deeper into discord and chaos. No US henchmen are more obliging, more venal and more treacherous for this purpose than the Northern Alliance. These traitors’ spin machine would have us believe that the secret to Afghanistan’s prosperity and the solution to our unhappy country’s problems lie in us having a federal system of government. But even the most ignorant of people are well aware that no system of government can be of any relevance whatsoever when a country has no freedom or independence and is in the thrall of a bunch of criminals. The haggling over the structure of government can only serve the purpose of sold-out traitors. The governance structure, whether federal or otherwise, cannot determine its substance. When federalism is put on the table in a situation where the levers of power are in the hands of plunderers, thieves and xenophiles whose own leashes are in the hands of foreign powers, this can only be an agenda for tearing up Afghanistan into pieces and giving the pieces to anti-Afghan elements who will then reach cosy deals with their foreign masters, auction off their respective pieces and obliterate Afghanistan from the map. The jihadi tyrants and their intellectual panderers scream at the top of their lungs, louder than anyone else, for federalism. Should such a thing come to pass, the chauvinist murderers of the Northern Alliance will rule the northern segment of the dismembered country and the putridity of Taliban, Golbodin & Co will transform the southern segment into a nightmarish land of horror. The winners who will reap the rewards will be the US and regional powers.

The US toasts the Taliban and Golbodini leaders, but its predatory soldiers slaughter our grieving people as terrorists and urinate on their corpses. If we do not rise up like the freedom loving peoples of Vietnam and Iraq to fight off the occupiers and their indigenous lackeys, the day will not be far off when they will piss in the mouths of ourselves and our women and children, both dead and alive. Notwithstanding the cowardly silence with which the despicable hired lackeys of the US have greeted their master’s soldiers pissing on the corpses, as well as myriads of other violations and insults to our countrymen, we vow that “even if just one day is left before the end of the world” the people of Afghanistan will respond to this insult of the occupiers and the ignominious languor of sold-out native traitors by expelling the US and NATO from their country.

In the same way as the Solidarity Party of Afghanistan recognises the Loya Jirga as the jirga for the selling-out of our homeland and proclaims it as such, recognises 7th October as the day of aggression of the US and NATO on our homeland and proclaims it as such, recognises the Amnesty Law passed by parliament as the law of self-amnesty of murderers and criminals and proclaims it as such, and recognises the 7th and 8th Saur as days of historical disgrace and proclaims them as such, so does it recognise the creation of the Taliban political representation office in Qatar as incorporation of Golbodin and Mullah Omar into the mafia government and proclaims it as such, and so does it recognise the plan for dismemberment of our country as the latest treacherous plot and unforgivable atrocity and insult to our people and proclaims it as such.

We call on all our freedom-loving compatriots and national, democratic, patriotic and independence-seeking forces to show their rage and hatred by further exposing the nature of the enemies of our people through intensifying their struggle against the US and its chained dogs of various hues, and have them understand that the people of this land welcomed death but did not give up their homeland to British or Russian colonialism. In like manner, they will never accept American military bases nor the meddling of Pakistan or the criminal regime of Iran in their internal affairs.

May the call for independence, freedom and democracy in our captive homeland be ever more strident!
Death to the traitor forces defending the establishment of American military bases in our country!
No to the Taliban, no to the jihadis, no to the tinpot government! All power to the people of Afghanistan!

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan

23 January, 2012


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