The Falling US Empire Perpetuates its Shameful Life with Aggression and War

On the 11th anniversary of the US military aggression in Afghanistan

usa crime in Afghanistan

11 years back, on October 7, 2001, the US and NATO invaded Afghanistan. Our suffering nation had not yet recovered from the 14-year occupation of the Russians, the fascist rule of their stooges, and the 9-year rule of the factional and Taliban hyenas, when they fell into the bloody claws of another superpower.

Wherever the US has stepped, it has brought nothing but bloodshed and destruction. The US government has caused the death of 2.5 million people in the Vietnam War and 1.5 million people in the Korean War; killed 100,000 people in the Gulf War; was the first country to use nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, causing a horrifying humanitarian disaster; orchestrated bloody coups on democratic regimes in different parts of the world; supports with all its might, Israel’s state terrorism against the people of Palestine; caused utter carnage in Iraq; and has now put its blood-stained hands to work in Middle East and North Africa to steer away the people’s uprisings from its revolutionary path, and appropriating the sacrifices of these nations by imposing its fundamentalist stooge regimes. This country has also killed tens and thousands of Afghan civilians in the eleven years of its occupation, and according to official statistics, lost 2000 of its own soldiers who were brought to the battlefield forcefully.

Afghanistan’s military occupation by the US was planned carefully and skillfully, using lessons learnt from the Russian invasion. It was carried out after the world was convinced, through its agents and the United Nations, and under the deceptive and appealing slogans of ‘war on terror’, ‘democracy’, ‘security’, ‘women’s rights’ and others.

killed child by us soldier

After the downfall of the Russian puppet regime, the US-sponsored fundamentalist Jehadi and Talib mercenaries’ rule was dominated by brutalities, destruction, and ignorance. Our fed-up people were ready to accept a government of any religion, but not the Sayyaf, Mazari, Rabbani, Gulbuddin, and Mullah Omar kind of Islamic government, whose only gifts to our nation were destruction, ignorance and killings. This way, the US’s religious servants, through their crimes and viciousness, created very favorable social conditions for the invasion of the US and 49 other countries of the world. It was not just by chance that our people, sick and tired of war, would view this event with optimism, and imagine that the presence of foreign forces would save them from the Talib and factional wild beasts.

With Afghanistan’s occupation, during the first Bonn Conference, the US chose the most traitorous and treacherous groups and elements as its social base in Afghanistan and installed them in power. In addition to relying on its military and intelligence, the US installed the traitorous fundamentalist lackeys, technocrats trained in CIA, and remains of Khalq and Parcham, who never learnt to say no to foreigners, all of who are in a minority, in key posts of its puppet regime. For the past eleven years they have been bustling around to help US reach its goals in our country.

The biggest treachery of the US leaders against the people of Afghanistan in the past 34 years is that they never stopped supporting their rabid, cheap, obedient and traitorous servants, the Talib and non-Talib fundamentalists, who are ready to sink to any level for money and power; and marginalized patriotic, revolutionary, and democratic forces to the best of their abilities. This is while in the beginning of the occupation of our country, they announced, to trick our people, that they have learnt their lesson from the past and will not breed Islamic fundamentalism.

usa bombing kill childern

Islamic fundamentalists like Sayyaf, Rabbani, Mohaqiq, Khalili, Abdullah, Bismillah, Atta Mohammad, Mohsini, Ismail Khan and others, wear the slavery leash of the US whole-heartedly and proudly, and seek to implement the plundering policies of the US. What our nation wonders is why these fierce claimants of Islam who at one time called for ‘Jehad’ against un-Islamic countries are today, under the shadow of dollars and 49 us-Islamic countries, proudly and zealously striving for a position in its puppet government?

Upon the invasion of Afghanistan, the US laid the foundations of a ‘broad-based government’ and divided the corpse of Afghanistan among the hyenas of different tribes and ethnicities, who had all sworn their loyalty to their masters. This way, with the ‘divide and rule’ policy, it flared tribal, lingual, religious, and regional disputes.

Despite the fact that these looters are suffering from deep financial crisis, they have spent 572 million USD of their taxpayers’ money in the Afghan war of aggression, when this money could have uprooted poverty in several countries of the world. More than 62 billion dollars have been donated to Afghanistan for so-called reconstruction, but we cannot see the slightest improvement in the lives of our people. More than half of the population of our country is unemployed, more than 70% of our people live below the poverty line, 2.5 million people go hungry, our country is still ranked first in the world in infant and maternal mortality rates. Imperialist bodies such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), and others, have turned Afghanistan to a consumer of the lowest quality imported items, by enforcing their policies under the name of ‘free market’ and ‘open door’. This has closed the doors for the development of the national bourgeoisie and production within our own country. The poor masses are the prime victims of these imposed criminal policies.

Following the tradition set by all colonialist powers, the US has invested in short-term projects and has not spent a penny on an economic base that would generate employment. A significant portion of this money has filled the pockets of the minority mercenaries who have state power or are busy serving their masters under the name of ‘opposition’, as bribes or hush money, so that they can convince the majority deprived people, by force or otherwise, to accept servitude to and captivity of foreigners. The US launched a crusade in our country under the banner of ‘restoring human rights’ and ‘women’s rights’, but itself committed the biggest crime against of our people by supporting the bullying and murderer forces and individuals. This is why the situation of women’s rights and human rights in our country is tragic and devastating. Except for a small minority, who has found everything by aiding the West, most of our people are still burning in the inferno crimes, bullying and cruelties of the ruling warlords and mafia bands. The pained screams of our helpless sisters and mothers still ring from every corner of our country, and most even commit suicide due to extreme lack of accountability and justice. Justice in our country is a victim of the desires of a handful of filthy criminals and all our legislative and judicial bodies have been infected with the virus of ignorance, crime, and corruption. In a country where there is no justice, talking about democracy, free and transparent elections and other humane values is nothing more than cruel mockery.

Corruption and embezzlement in Karzai’s fraudulent government is so outrageous that our and the world’s history, does not remember its precedent. Government and foreign bodies are all busy promoting corruption. Every day, news of embezzlement and bribe is leaked to the media but not one official has been prosecuted or punished for corruption charges in the past ten years. The pillaging of our national assets by a handful of traitors is continuing endlessly, especially in the past few years each of them are competing to get their hands on the income of the mines of our country. Traitorous officials themselves admit that more than 4 million acres of land has been grabbed by land mafia, but no action is taken; financial mafia stole 970 million USD of our people from Kabul Bank alone, yet there is no accountability; state mafia, from the ministers and governors to other high-ranking personnel are accused of theft, but they are absurdly promoted to higher positions according to the scale of their corruption. It is thanks to the presence of the US and NATO that Afghanistan has come second in corruption in the world.

usa war crime

In addition to military invasion, the US and West has started a much more dangerous form of attack: cultural invasion and propaganda. It finances the print and electronic media, has taken to service so-called ‘political experts’ and ‘analysts’, and has carefully set a certain line of thought for them so that our nation’s outlooks on the essential issues and problems and their root causes, are killed. Our youth especially, are trained to look at matters superficially, ignore vulgarism, be inconsiderate, avoid politics and fear the on-goings cowardly; thus fulfilling the purpose of killing their patriotic spirits, love for their people, and will to oppose foreigners. Under the false label of ‘freedom of expression’, the US has equipped all its warlord and traitorous agents with propaganda weapons like television and radio, so they can induce our people into a deeper sleep, and breed ignorance, and inject superstitions and degenerate thoughts of ethnic and regional nationalism, in their minds.

The US has rightly discovered that the venom of money, power, education, and allure of foreign trips is so strong that it can easily poison not only shaky and anti-people intellectuals and elements, but also those who claim to love their country and people. Today one of the main problems of Afghanistan is the emergence of a generation of youngsters, devoid of patriotic feelings, who are trained espionage agents under the guise of experts, spokespersons, advisors for the government or workers of NGOs. Groups of brilliant but unaware youngsters are taken to the West for brainwashing under scholarships like Fulbright and Chevening or other titles. The smallest traces of patriotism, and faith in the undying power of the people, have been removed from this foreign-trained generation. These intellectuals have been brainwashed to such an extent that they believe that servitude to, dependence on and allegiance to the US is the only way out of the current stalemate. They shamelessly argue on this reasoning, as if the doors to prosperity of nations open only if they accept US colonialism. Most of these intellectuals, hunted down by CIA operatives, are generally capable, and have turned to mouthpieces of the US and work for their interests. They account the most dangerous elements of Afghanistan’s future.

The US, as planned, turned Afghanistan to the capital of the world in drugs and earns hundreds of billions of dollars from this source. The world’s drug mafia are extensively active here and the most important officials of the government are also involved in this dirty business. Terrorist groups, including the Taliban, also earn hundreds and millions every year. Afghanistan’s drugs have a good market in the US and other western countries. It is even said that the US has started using its old Vietnam War system in Afghanistan whereby the military planes, which fly out of the country, secretly transport drugs. This dark phenomenon has pushed a million people of our country towards gradual death and seriously threatens the future of our country.

The stone-aged criminals that the US has apparently occupied our country to eradicate are the terrorist and murderous gangs of Gulbuddin, Taliban and their Al-Qaeda allies, who were created and nurtured with dollars and arm by the US for its own purposes, during the Cold War. The leash of the main body of the Taliban and Gulbuddin’s fascist party is still in the hands of the US and it gains the most benefit from them. These fundamentalists, especially the Talib kind, have trained hundreds of brainwashed people as suicide bombers and now pose a serious danger for our people and our country’s future. But the US is still calling them ‘brothers’ through its puppets and continues to remove their leaders from black lists, and frees them from prisons every day, and giving them other advantages. Similarly, the most infamous terrorists of Gulbuddin’s nasty gang occupy key posts in the puppet regime, serving the US, next to their brethren-in-creed, the Northern Alliance.

Our country, in addition to having US military presence, has been transformed to a spying agency of the West and other countries of the region. All these intelligences are busy in different intelligence activities, and employ and train spies for themselves from Arg and different government and non-government bodies. CIA, Pakistan’s ISI, Iran’s VAVAK, England’s MI6, Russia’s SVR, Israel’s Mossad, and others are freely busy in their espionage activities in an unsupervised country like Afghanistan. They have divided provinces and government positions among themselves, are busy in the illegal trade of precious stones, are buying and selling ancient remains, and engaged in drug smuggling. The intervention and intrusion of the despotic Iranian and Pakistani regimes, in particular, is increasing day by day.

It is vital for the US and West to achieve their strategic and economic aims, plunder the national resources of several countries and dominate the markets and strategic regions of the world. The shameful life of the ruling apparatus of the US is dependent on war and aggression and without plunder, its life would end. In our country it has set up its large military bases so that it can have this pivotal strategic location for its games in Asia, and threaten its emerging rivals China, Russia, Iran and others. It wants to reserves its military hegemony at any cost. This is why it will never voluntarily leave this advantageous country unless it is driven away in humiliation like Russian occupiers and their treacherous creations, by the resistance and uprising of our people, under the leadership of forces supporting justice and democracy.

The US and its western allies, through their military force or their financial and cultural force, are waging wars and killing people in all parts of the world. What is certain is that the people of the West have also recognized their ruling regimes’ criminal nature, and are standing up against their bullying policies. With every passing day, the despicable façade of the imperialism of the US and its allies is diminishing. The sparks of the Occupy Wall Street movement and the slogan ‘We are 99%’ has not faded. The US has a total of 850 military bases in the five continents of the world and has for years turned Afghanistan to its military and intelligence center in Asia. Day by day, the people of the world are discovering about the war-mongering nature of the US and NATO, and the conflagration of resistance spreads wider.

The US, like every other power of the world, is not invincible and cannot reign over nations with its military might. The ghost of defeat and downfall is already giving horrible nightmares to the current rulers of the US, which is why they are violently attacking other countries militarily one after the other. Eventually, the US will suffer the same fate as the Russian and British empires at the hands of the people of the US, with the support and solidarity of the other nations of the world, especially the freedom-loving people of enslaved nations. The people of Afghanistan, who have legendary examples in their history against occupiers, learn about the nature of the US and its stooges with every passing day and their protests are intensifying. If democracy-loving, anti-fundamentalist and independence-seeking forces, play their role in raising our people’s consciousness and mobilizing them, by accepting every risk and hard work, then the US’s colossus war machine will also become helpless in the face of our people’s uprising.

11 years of the deceitful occupation of the US and NATO has again proved to our people that no nation can attain emancipation and prosperity under the administration of a war-mongering country and domination of its stooges. The people have to take fate into their own hands and achieve noble human values.


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