With Trump, the War-mongering Nature of the US Will Never Change

With Trump, the War-mongering Nature of the US Will Never Change

The loud hype that the 2016 US presidency elections created was massively far-reaching that some even turned to dogs, cats and monkeys to predict results. Before winning, Trump continuously tried to fool the public by projecting a different image and before going to the White House, made demagogic promises with many ‘buts’ and ‘ifs’. But it is clear that Trump would follow the same policies as the previous head of states, because the US Empire can’t survive without war and terror. By appointing three notorious US army generals in the key posts, he ensures a military-centric American foreign policy, sparking war and bloodshed throughout the globe, worse than Bush and Obama. And our Afghanistan being one of the battlegrounds for the superpowers’ conflicts, will suffer heavier blows as in the past.

Obama’s tenure taught many lessons through which Trump’s future can be predicted. Obama was the first black president who amid tears of joy of African-Americans and many pledges and promises, found his way to the White House and was a ray of hope for some people unaware of the US ruling apparatus’s nature. When Obama was resigning on 20 Jan 2017, his popularity had declined to its lowest and his supporters, especially the Blacks, were angry and disheartened about his savage actions in these eight years.

Obama, amid the 2008 elections made many promises: to end the US invasions, to improve the economic situation, to shut down the Guantanamo Prison and implementing social justice but the result was something else: continuing US war in Afghanistan and Iraq; turning Libya and Syria into a bloodbath and in ruins; creating Daesh as the most barbaric force of the century; supporting the military coups d'état in Latin America, Africa and Ukraine; worsening economic crisis; Guantanamo prison remains open; unprecedented widening gap between rich and poor; and the brutal repression of the Occupy movement and the sick-to-the-back-teeth Blacks, which is only becoming more atrocious. All this has resulted in an astronomical $20 trillion debt, the largest debt in the world and the poor masses of this country bears the brunt of it. Despite Obama being a war-monger and mothership of terrorism, he odiously won the Nobel Peace Prize.

In 2008 some shameless Afghans, either out of ignorance or sycophancy to their masters, wrote an open letter to Obama and congratulating the American people for electing an ‘excellent’ and ‘inspirational’ leader. Now when they look back to Obama’s disgraceful and bloody era, is there any shred of conscience in them to feel ashamed?

The electoral debate of Hillary Clinton and Trump had important revelations about the decaying society and ruling system of the US. The US government, while claiming to rule the world and carrying out mass surveillance, is unimaginably rotten from inside. The candidates including Trump compared the condition of the biggest economy’s substructure to that of the third world countries. The deterioration of the US ruling system was so sharp that accusations of rigging the elections and the influence campaign of Russia made headlines, affecting the political climate of the society.

During all this, the enthusiasm of reactionary politicians and the so-called civil activists of Afghanistan was strikingly ridiculous. Obsequious and servile, they were fanatic and restless for Hillary Clinton’s win. Despite his begging bowl in hands, Ashraf Ghani was giving $50K a month to John Podesta’s lobbying firm (former chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign); on 8 Nov 2014, Mohammad Amin Mohammadi, President of Hezb-e-Aitemad Mardom Afghanistan (Peoples’ Trust Party of Afghanistan), lauded Clinton’s win on his Facebook page; a few minutes before Clinton’s congratulatory phone call to Trump, Anwar-ul-Haq Ahadi in his interview with Radio Azadi was beaming with happiness and expressed his trust in Clinton’s victory, as if instead of this war-monger he is heading to the White House! And the list of examples goes on...

In the US where two mafia parties called the “Republicans” and “Democrats” unites in throne, the real power belongs to monopolies, financial corporations and super-capitalists and no matter who the president is, he has to fight tooth and claw to protect their interests.

In addition a handful of women, so-called civil activists were aping the American feminists and calling Clinton’s possible victory as ‘women’s victory’ so people forget that she is the one who as Secretary of State, cut loose the most misogynist monsters in the history called Daesh on the women in Libya, Iraq, Syria and Egypt.

However contrary to expectations, open or hidden collusions made Trump victorious and poured cold water on the sentiments of Clinton supporters.

Yes, an eccentric millionaire accused of raping and evading taxes is going to White House through those empty promises he made during elections. The poor and deceived voters would quickly realize the true nature of Trump. He claimed to close all US military bases in the world and utilize his money for the country’s infrastructure and encourage other capitalists to invest domestically to create more jobs for the masses of unemployed. But these baseless promises are like Ghani-Abdullah’s fake words. Imperialist governments sees it survival in war and invasion to keep the system running. Trump, like his predecessors, would also continue the war-mongering policies because if he refuses, the “invisible government” i.e. the intelligence and security organizations will make him face the same fate as John F. Kennedy. In the US where two mafia parties called the “Republicans” and “Democrats” unites in throne, the real power belongs to monopolies, financial corporations and super-capitalists and no matter who the president is, he has to fight tooth and claw to protect their interests.

Trump, like every anti-people plutocrat, blames the minorities and refugees for all the country’s calamities, which only intensifies racism and hatred towards them. In an exclusive interview with Al-Jazeera News on 26 Nov 2016, Noam Chomsky stated,

“I wouldn't compare [the Trump era] with Weimar Germany. Hitler was a sincere, dedicated ideologue. Trump isn't. He has no known ideology, other than 'me’. If you look at the European reaction, every far right nationalist, neo-Nazi party was encouraged and excited by his victory.”

Undoubtedly Trump’s lies may defer the nation’s wrath and uprising, but very soon Americans would grow disgruntled with the terrible economic conditions and brutal exploitation of the ruling class and drive them on to the streets. In response, Trump might turn to police and army, exactly what Obama did to the Black Life Matters Movement and Native Americans’ protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline construction, which continues till date.

In an interview with RT, John Pilger, the conscientious Australian journalist, commented on Trump’s future,

“Whether Trump will be any better is unclear. He says he is anti-establishment, but he will come with his own establishment. I don’t believe for a moment that he is against the establishment of the US in a wider sense – indeed he is a product of it. The truth is, there was no one to vote for.”


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