Afghanistan Will Not Become an Arena for the Superpowers’ Arms Race!

Afghanistan Will Not Become an Arena for the Superpowers’ Arms Race!

This time, the US has, without any scruples or hindrance, tested the largest non-nuclear bomb in its arsenal, the “Mother of All Bombs”, on our country. If we remain silent in the face of such horrendous tests, Afghanistan will become an open field for the arms race between superpowers, and may even face a nuclear scenario.

The US criminals and their media want us to accept that the objective of this attack was to “destroy underground tunnels” belonging to ISIS in Achin District, but this is a blatant lie to aggrandize the power of ISIS which, like the Taliban, is the procreation of the US. The United States will never destroy the creature it has raised and nurtured, and which burst upon the world scene with such unequaled ferocity and savagery at its US master’s will and volition. If the US had truly been against ISIS, why did it leave huge ISIS convoys in Syria and Iraq untouched, and did not drop its mother-of-all-bombs on them?

According to information received from the area, this 16-million dollar bomb was dropped on an uninhibited area for testing purposes only. The real purpose was for the US to flex its military muscles at its regional rivals, particularly Russia, by displaying the deadliest armaments it holds in its bases in Afghanistan. The US wanted to show them that by having installed a spineless, submissive puppet regime composed of ISIS and Taliban brethren-in-creed in Afghanistan, it has free rein to test any type of destructive armament it wants in this country.

The use of this mega-bomb has nothing to do with the “war on terror”, since our people have learned from the experience of the past fifteen years that the US itself is the sponsor and financier of different forms of terrorism in Afghanistan, and has repeatedly declared that it has no enmity with the Taliban. Ample evidence also shows that ISIS is a strategic US weapon in the Middle East, which it is now trying to orientate towards northern Afghanistan to destabilize Russian borders.

As the US-Russia antagonism enters a dangerous phase in Syria, everyone is warning that the venue for the next confrontation of these bloodthirsty powers will be Afghanistan. Our country experienced the bloodiest and most disastrous period of its history once before, when the Cold War between these two powers reached its climax here. We must be vigilant not to allow our country to once more be dragged ever deeper into devastation. By signing the enslavement agreement with the US and allowing that country to conduct such tests, the National Terror Government has committed high treason against our nation. It is up to the independence- and freedom-loving people of Afghanistan to realize the mortal danger that this entails and not allow their homeland to be trampled in the melee of the arms race between East and West.

The real victims of the bombs and attacks of the US/NATO forces during the past fifteen years have been our impoverished, defenseless people. These bombs contain dangerous chemical and radioactive elements which usually have long-term adverse effects on people and the environment, and have greatly contaminated our homeland.

We must not be deceived by the false propaganda and the ludicrous puppet shows of the US media, and the utterances of Afghan government spokespersons who parrot the Pentagon’s statements. If we do not stand up against the bullying of the US and its stooges today, there is no doubt that someday our beloved Afghanistan will become the testing ground for US nuclear arms as well.

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA)
16 April 2017


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