Only Our Suffering People Can Break the Ominous Chains of Imperialism and Fundamentalism!

Only Our Suffering People Can Break the Ominous Chains of Imperialism and Fundamentalism!

A year has passed since the tyrannical rule of Taliban oppressors when the country was presented to them by their American, Pakistani and Qatari masters during the shameful Doha agreement under the name of ‘peace’ and ‘ending the war’. The US government’s decline is discernable from afar. The COVID-19 catastrophe and the monstrosity that was Trump has exposed the depth of its internal decay and how it no longer has the capacity to dominate the world, while its powerful Chinese and Russian rivals have risen to oppose it. In such circumstances, the US chose its survival by leaving Afghanistan along with its war-mongering and anti-human apparatus, but has tightened its vicious claws on our defenseless people’s throats with less expensive and indirect methods. The White House’s deal under Zalmai Khalilzad’s supervision in Doha was so preposterous and treacherous that even David Petraeus, former Commander of ISAF and director of the CIA, called it ‘amongst the worst diplomatic agreements’ and a sign of the country’s ‘decline’.

During their exploitative twenty-year presence, the US and NATO did not fight terrorism in Afghanistan, rather supported and strengthened their dangerous lairs. Otherwise, how is it possible that they handed over tens of billions of dollars’ worth of weapons and countless military and civil facilities at once to the terrorists whom they still consider a ‘threat’ and are on the CIA ‘blacklist’? NATO and the bloodthirsty US government, who are not bound by any human principles except for their own interest and destructive colonial aims, have turned Afghanistan into a safer haven for fundamentalist barbarians, which they can use in their strategic games, especially in Asia, as their brutal terrorist and fundamentalist-producing reserves.

In the very beginning of the so-called ‘peace talks’, the US and its allies sent the most infamous and traitorous persons such as Habiba Sarabi, Fawzia Koofi, Hafiz Mansoor, Rangin Spanta, Nader Nadery, Naheed Farid, Khalid Noor, Shaharzad Akbar, Fatima Gailani, Batur Dostum, Malalai Shinwari, Jamila Afghani, Shah Gul Rezai, Mary Akrami, and several other puppets, to kneel before the Taliban pigs. Just like their Jehadi lackeys, they tried to whitewash their Taliban lackeys as having ‘changed’. But as it was foreseeable, with each passing day, the Taliban are peeling off their layered masks to expose their gruesome nature and their rabid hostility against science, arts, progress and especially against women: prohibiting women from working and studying; forcing women to wear the Talibani hijab; treacherously depriving millions of young girls of education and forcing them to stay at home and enter into forced marriages; increase of domestic violence and killings; suppression, imprisonment, torture, forced confession and disappearance of protesting women; throwing 95% of the society into the pit of unemployment and deadly poverty; the continuation of organized crimes and robberies; stifling the freedom of speech and assembly and any other manifestations of democracy and justice; imposing beard, turban and religious lessons for government employees; imprisonment and assassination of former military personnel; flirtatiously embracing Jehadi and non-Jehadi traitors and criminals; arms smuggling and auctioning of national assets to neighboring countries in the name of trade expansion; and in short, degrading our country into the most unfortunate, most hopeless and most humiliated nation in the world.

The Taliban are trying to show that the people welcomed them, with ridiculous demonstrations of the Karzai and Ghani’s puppet regime kind. The fact is that the people of Afghanistan, in the most remote areas and central cities, all dread and are fed up of the Taliban and its Haqqani network because it is impossible for the people to forget their killings, suicides attacks, explosions and treachery. Widows, orphans and disabled persons still live in pain and poverty and misery. Our people cannot forget the increasing insecurity, ethnic and religious divisions, mass immigration of youth, human trafficking atrocities, poverty and starvation, and do not forgive for selling their country and serving as agents of foreign countries. All the people from ethnic groups of Afghanistan, except for their traitors and oppressors, have always lived a peaceful life together and like the masses everywhere, have demanded basic rights such as freedom, food, health, education, housing and work. The reason why the Taliban or any religious or non-religious reactionary force is ruling over the people of Afghanistan is rooted in class issues rather than ethnic issues. In the course of history, we have seen that in an unequal society, the oppressive and treacherous minority rules over the unorganized and oppressed majority. Deviation from the class struggle towards ethnic disputes is one of the oldest tricks of imperialism and its local agents, each of whom resort to these dirty tricks to continue their disgraceful lives. Accepting the Taliban as the representative of the Pashtun people is like accepting Hitler and Mussolini as the representatives of Germany and Italy as most victims of these two fascists were Germans and Italians. The Taliban have committed crimes against both Pashtun and non-Pashtun people. The Afghan traitor intellectuals who propagate that the root of the country’s disaster is in ethnic issues either have their strings in the hands of foreign intelligence or suffer from a horrifying lack of political awareness.

The occupying US government, its NATO allies and the institutions that defend their policies such as the United Nations, speak of ‘national peace’ in order to cover up their own filth of gifting Afghanistan to the Taliban. This is a sheer lie. We are witnessing the killings and suffering of our compatriots every day in Panjshir, Andarab, Balkhab and other places, and the massacre of our people in mosques, temples and on streets. Let us not forget that peace and security do not mean the end of war. Securing social justice and social welfare of the people is among the main components of ending conflict and war, and today our people are deprived of these humanitarian values in a manner never seen before. The Taliban who are alien to mankind’s evolution and development and have deprived our society of mobility and dynamism, label the silence, anger and disgust of our people as a sign of their satisfaction and acceptance of their regime.

The Taliban shamelessly boast of ‘tax collection’ and even their British masters are not ashamed of propagating this step. The Taliban, like any other oppressive ruling class, forcefully collect taxes from the lower strata of the society such as stall holders, shopkeepers, peddlers, drivers, and low-level employees, whereas mafia giants such as Alokozay Group of Companies and the Afghan Wireless Communication Company who have been exploiting the poverty-stricken people of Afghanistan for years and used to bribe the Taliban in the past and have been in charge of providing food and other logistical facilities for the Taliban militias since their takeover, are exempt from paying the actual taxes.

With all this economic and psychological oppression upon the bereaved sections of the society, the kingpins of the Karzai-Ghani government such as the family of Qaseem Fahim, Farooq Wardak, Siddiq Chakari, Omar Zakhilwal, Hamid Karzai, Kiramuddin Kiram, Salam Rahimi, Dawlat Waziri, Kamal Osuli and other well-known corrupt figures are crawling under the rotten fur of the stinking regime and are in turn, pampered and blessed by the Taliban. Similarly, the criminal-breeding US government is looking for another pretext to dump the frozen assets of the Afghan people into the Taliban’s pockets and this has come under the name of building an ‘inclusive’ government. Giving the money of the poor Afghan people to the Taliban will elongate the unstable reign of this fascist group. Like the Jehadi and non-Jehadi leaders of the previous government, fattening the pockets of the Taliban leaders will not only assist them in training suicide bombers, but also in owning luxury houses and making investments in Dubai and Doha and Islamabad and other elite cities. Giving any amount of money to the Taliban’s regime will not do the slightest service to our destitute people.

‘Elimination of corruption’ is another deceptive slogan of the Taliban regime that does not match the facts. The corruption and greed of the Taliban leaders has grown to such an extent in the past one year that they will soon surpass the corrupt Jehadis and technocrats. Bribery, the multiple marriages of Taliban leaders, drug trafficking, smuggling and selling weapons and military equipment outside borders, and embezzlement of foreign aid are common and only a few cases have been leaked to the media. The stink of the passport office scandal rose so high that the Taliban immediately covered it up. The Taliban, like their fellow Jehadi brothers, are craving for the spoils of ‘jehad’ they believe they are the rightful owners of. After years of ‘jehad in the name of Allah’ they believe they are now entitled to enjoying the benefits of their ‘victory’ and swimming in ‘gold, women and land’.

Our suffering compatriots!

The death of Ayman al-Zawahiri and several famous Pakistani terrorists in recent days, which Biden gawks about triumphantly, has no effect on curbing terrorism. For twenty years, the US and its allies looted our people of everything under the banner of ‘war on terror, establishment of democracy and freedom of Afghan women’. Terrorism not only did not end but twenty-one other murderous bodies have been birthed and nurtured. Targeting al-Zawahiri is not a win and instead exposes the US’s hoax policy under which after twenty years of military presence, the leader of Al-Qaeda shows up in the balcony of a home in downtown Kabul.

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan believes that until the umbilical cord of fundamentalism, which now embodied in the Taliban, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Hizb ut-Tahrir and other ultra-reactionary and oppressive groups in the region, is not cut from their imperialist masters and the reactionary powers of the region, our oppressed people will not be able to achieve peace and prosperity. Imperialism and its fundamentalist lackeys are two sides of the same coin which guarantee each other’s survival sometimes out of friendship and sometimes through conflict. Only the people of the world, including the suffering people of Afghanistan, can scrape this evil and grim web through consciousness, unity and uprisings.

During the past year, Afghan women have shown with their resistance and struggle that our society has reached certain levels of consciousness and no force can keep them captive in a cage forever. It was due to women’s resistance that the Taliban were forced to retreat in some areas and made them realize that Afghanistan is no longer a blind society where its people can be imprisoned with superstitions and ignorance. We firmly believe that the Taliban’s rule will not last long because no regime in history has been able to survive with oppression and standing against the wheels of history and the will of the majority of people. Taliban, just as their enthronement was marked with the disgrace of the ISI chief’s visit to Kabul, will be sent to the bin of history by our people’s struggle.

Compatriots! Following the example of our women’s resistance in the streets of Kabul, we should raise consciousness and mobilize to create freedom-fighting and progressive bodies, and remove the poisonous sting of imperialist looters and overthrow the barbaric Taliban regime and other lurking enemies in order to witness the dawn of a prosperous and progressive society.

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan

15 August 2022


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