Democracy and welfare can be only achieved by throwing down invaders and their minions!

Democracy and welfare can by only achieved by throwing down invaders and their minions!

Fourteen years have passed since the conspicuous occupation of Afghanistan by US and Allies. The occupiers came forward with the treacherous plot of “War Against Terror”, and converted this homeland into graveyard for its defenseless inhabitant by murder and plunder, unprecedented growth opium, creating war, fattening criminals and drug-lords. The occupiers, for their strategic and economic interests, have placed the most advanced military bases in Afghanistan, to keep our country inflamed in the fire of war and terror.

At the start of occupation, the robbers of US and Allies were shouting that Taliban and terrorism have been defeated; but the time, with intensification of insecurity in all over Afghanistan and collapse of Kunduz, very well revealed the ominous deeds and lies of the occupiers and their lackey technocrats.

The last fourteen years’ evil policies have given the awareness to people that terrorism is a tool in hand of US Govt. to exploit the world and enslave the nations. The propagation, arming and financing of ISIS by USG in Afghanistan and other parts of world, is the continuation of old devilish policies which since four last decades have been imposed on our people, in the names of Ikhwan, Taliban, Al-Qaeda and other fundamentalist murderers with support of Pakistani ISI and other proxy governments. This time, ISIS is not only engraving Afghanistan but Syria, Iraq and other countries into medieval periods.

The killing of more than 300,000 defenseless Afghans by US and Nato forces, the bombing of civilians in different parts of Afghanistan, testing of chemical weapons, humiliation of dead bodies, raping women, and the recent bombing of MSF Trauma Hospital in Kunduz that killed the defenseless staff and patients; are the results of occupiers B52’s “democracy”, which their lackey technocrats and supporters are shamelessly asking the people to be grateful of criminal US and Nato’s “sacrifice” and “cooperation”.

Initially, the US poured billions of dollars into the pockets of most traitor-to-the-people elements and gangs via Karzai & Co. This made them brutal mafia dons, and now has gathered them in a misshapen regime so these puppets make the ground ready for any kind of bloodbath and crime according to their master’s wish. The occupiers have envisaged an Afghanistan engrossed in insecurity, instability and war, to export terrorism into Central Asia and specially strike Russia and China. The real victims of this fraudulent policy are our unfortunate people.

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA) considers the October 7th (2001: occupation of Afghanistan by US and Nato countries) same as doomsday of December 27th (1979: occupation of Afghanistan by Russia), and extremely condemns it. With cries of freedom, we want the unconditional exit of occupiers and meddlers out of our homeland.

Once again, the Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA) reminds our brave people and all of country’s wakeful individuals and organizations: in the moments when our captivated country simmers in blood and betrayal, and, by numerous plots, burns in terror and bloodshed from north to south and from Farah to Kunduz, silence is shameful. Taking every opportunity, one must counteract against all their dirty games, traitors and specially their self-sold quasi-intellectuals. And give awareness to people to mobilize for independence war. We can’t find any nation who have reached freedom, democracy and justice without resistance and struggle.

By unity and all-out insurrection, we must give an exemplary lesson to invaders and their local minions!
A nation without independence will never reach democracy, justice and welfare!

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA)

October 7, 2015


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