The sacrifices of indomitable women and men will change our dark destiny, not pro-rulers awardees!

The sacrifices of indomitable women and men will change our dark destiny, not pro-rulers awardees!

At a time when the monsters of misogyny, more brutal than ever before, are lynching the captive women of our land in the bloody claws of the CIA-procreactions, we are on the eve of International Women's Day. The Taliban are attacking and killing our imprisoned women with ever-increasing cruelty: women are disappeared and killed; they are whipped in the stadiums; the suicide rate of women has increased in an unprecedented way; the gates of schools and universities are closed to women; women don’t have the right to work; any voice of protest is suppressed in the Jihadi-Taliban style of ignominy; women's rights to sightseeing, exercise, and going to public baths have been denied; women, more worse than men, are facing poverty, unemployment and gloominess to such extent that they are even forced to sell their children. And in the face of all this miseries and unfortunates, the Imperialist Governments, the United Nations and their other affiliates are silent or just express their so-called concern. In many cases, they even propagate in favor of this criminal group or trying to whitewash them.

However, if on the one hand, the oppression and suppression of the servile masses of the world has intensified by the oppressors, in response to all these crushing pressures, the women all around the world are at the forefront of the fight against these reactionary forces: Afghan women have been fighting against the Taliban from the very first days of their re-installation. They resisted and stood up in every possible way and by accepting threats to their lives. Mexican women of Chiapas forests are taking forward armed struggle since a long time. The women of Kurdistan have doomed the slumber of ISIS and their supporters, especially the fascist government of Erdogan. In the central forests of India, women fight side by side with their male comrades for an equal society. In Iran, a movement against the mullahs and monarchy has shaken the foundations of the brutal regime; and the blood of Jina Amini, Nika Shakrami, Minoo Majidi, Sarina Ismailzadeh, Ghazaleh Chaelavi, Hadis Najafi, Hananeh Kia and thousands of other fearless women, alongside men, has kept the banner of struggle waving. Women like Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Ayo Tometi Black Lives Matter movement against racism, which takes rotten foundations of US Imperialism one step closer to collapse. Priscillia Ludosky, a French female driver, started the Yellow Vest Movement, which has spread to several countries. And many other examples.

While the epic Afghan women, by participating in the protests, are facing torture, imprisonment and disappearance; the treacherous US Government and its Allies are handing over awards to the Female Taliban -the women who since many years have been busy in the wheeling-and-dealing with the traitor and were pimping for the fundamentalist warlords and then Taliban. The imperialist governments are giving these awards to their stooges, to keep them in reserve for their future plans. The Anna Politkovskaya award is given to Fawzia Koofi, "for her courage and determination in the fight for peace and human rights in Afghanistan", whose level of corruption and drug trafficking to such extend that even the corrupt and mafia government of Ghani was forced to raise it; a woman, whose collaboration with the warlords of the Northern Alliance and her lobbying to bring back the Taliban is now known by the children of our country. Wasn't this Sister of the Taliban, who, after participating in the Moscow meeting with the Taliban, said: "The Taliban's view towards women has changed and they have good plans for women." When Habiba Sarabi had practically become the spokesperson of the Taliban, she was awarded the Simone Veil Prize of the French Republic. Jamila Afghani, another minion participating in the Doha Peace Talks, received Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity; this woman, being member of the misogynist Hezb-e Islami Gulbuddin and the second wife of a married, defending the return of Taliban in an interview with Al Jazeera English website. Zarifa Ghaffari, who apparently escaped from the Taliban in a Hollywood fashion, but returned at the invitation of the Taliban Commission, received the International Woman of Courage in 2020 by the US Secretary of State and Forbes Magazine awards. Naheed Farid, the Abdullah Abdullah's henchwoman, who shamelessly went to Doha to kiss the feet of Taliban, also received the Forbes Magazine award. Shaharzad Akbar, whose role was to whitewash criminals and US minion, was given the Franco-German Prize for Human Rights in the so-called Independent Human Rights Commission of Afghanistan. Mary Akrami, who has the blot of shame of her forehead to kiss the feet of Gulbudin and the Taliban, is nominated for the Sakharov Prize. Mahbouba Seraj, the current spokesperson of the Taliban, whose sole wish is to personally meet Abdul Ghani Baradar, is proposed for the nomination of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Oppressed and tormented Compatriots!

The history of all the nations of the world has proven that people's despair, fear, passivity and escape can never be a cure for pain. No force can guarantee the liberation and well-being of the people of Afghanistan except our own strong hands. The Occupier Governments keep on replacing their Jihadi lackeys with their Taliban mercenaries and maybe tomorrow ISIS, or give awards to their agents and henchmen. However, it is on us to move our country towards prosperity and happiness with freedom, secular democracy and social justice. It is for our imprisoned men and women with different ethnicity, religion and lingual backgrounds to stand unitedly against the all fundamentalist and non-fundamentalist reactionary forces and not let the aggressor imperialist governments and the reactionary regimes of the region decide our fate through their Taliban-Jihadist-ISIS lackeys.

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan

8 March 2023


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