The Abduction of Julian Assange by Imperialists Is Attack on the Wakeful Conscience of Humanity!

The Abduction of Julian Assange by Imperialists Is Attack on the Wakeful Conscience of Humanity!

Once again the fake democracy of imperialism further revealed its sanguinary face. The occupier governments of US and UK, claiming to deliver democracy to Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and recently Venezuela, and considering themselves as the world masters, in collaboration with the lackey government of Ecuador pulled out Julian Assange from the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Indeed, they abducted this conscientious human and the real friend of oppressed ones, in the guise of law in public and presence of media. While being abducted, Assange with high spirit, was smiling fearlessly inside the police van. Indeed, he was telling the world that by revealing all the dirty secrets, he has shot such a strong arrow to the rotten effigy of inhuman system of imperialism and its corporations that no force can make him kneel. The mainstream media, with their rein knotted to corporations and imperialists’ machinery, while broadcast the stale wedding ceremony of UK’s prince son live for hours, covered this incident as unworthy news, as they are forced to pretend to be impartial and keep their mask of so-called freedom of expression.

Julian Assange, having such talent and capabilities, could have been a powerful manager chairing an IT corporation and all the time enjoying the luxury tours to Caribbean Islands, but he preferred to stay on the side of 99% of world oppressed people and tear down the mask of imperialist powers and their surrogates, who are busy sucking the blood of captive nations of the world. Assange became an inspiration for the upcoming whistle blowers like Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden, who further disclosed the documents of US and Allies’ crimes and bullying. They unearthed the ratio of barbarism and greed of this collapsing system.

Assange, besides disclosing hundreds of thousands of documents from all over the world, by revealing the Afghan War Logs, has done a big service to our people, especially in the situation when the occupier US government and their locally hired lackeys with the help of their mass media, are throwing dust into the eye of world, as if they have converted Afghanistan into heaven. So, we must defend him and condemn all pressures from the ruling powers against him. The Guardian wrote, “"one of the biggest leaks in U.S. military history ... a devastating portrait of the failing war in Afghanistan, revealing how coalition forces have killed hundreds of civilians in unreported incidents…”

The imprisoning of Julian Assange is not the very pressure on him. Since he started to reveal the dirty secrets of the world powers, campaigns of defamation, accusation and threatening also started against him. The seven years of his stay the Ecuadorian embassy has not been less than being in a prison, especially when in the last years he was suffering from health problems. We should not forget that the practical steps of Julian Assange and other whistle blowers are the huge slap to the face of local and international charlatan so-called leftists who are just busy in the talking and making big claims only in the virtual world, but don’t have the courage and honor to take even a tiny practical step. Assange utilized Wikileaks as powerful bomb against bullying superpowers who nourish local criminals, and in this way found his path into the heart of the people. He and other whistle blowers proved that every human being can play their vital role against oppression and exploitation.

We, the Solidarity Party of Afghanistan, as a revolutionary party and the voice of oppressed ones of the country, express our gratitude for the sacrifice of Julian Assange and other whistle blowers, and consider our duty to defend them. The role of these epic men is not less than the role of those revolutionaries who have converted the torture and prison into another front and have walked to the gallows fearlessly. We stand the by Julian Assange, who is the true face of humanity and the true friend of our people!

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan

16 April 2019


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