The influence of the propagandists of fundamentalism and savagery in educational bodies is a disaster!

The influence of the propagandists of fundamentalism and savagery
in educational bodies is a disaster!

The Afghan government recently arrested a number of teachers and students from the Sharia faculty of Kabul University on charges of being members of ISIS. A number of these murderers confessed to being involved in a few deadly attacks such as the suicide attack on the wrestling club of Omid Maiwand, the airport, and a bus carrying the workers of Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission. However, these are not the only crimes of the ISIS brutes. They have carried out attacks against our Shia compatriots and the people of eastern Afghanistan. A number of students confessed to having joined ISIS through Kabul University teachers who taught religious subjects.

We are witnessing the increasing propaganda and promotion of fundamentalist thoughts in universities and other educational centers around the country, including the support offered by the bloodthirsty Iranian regime to a large number of educational centers and media outlets working to spread the “Vilayat-e Faqih” brand of fundamentalism in the country. The Afghan government is silent in the face of this national disaster as is demanded by the US and West. The ISIS flag rose over Nangarhar University, slogans in support of ISIS were plastered on the walls of Kabul University, the ignorant teachers have used Islamic subjects as means to propagate in favor of Taliban, ISIS and other inhumane gangs, female university students are harassed by a number of supporters of these groups, and there are other such disturbing cases.

Although the US occupied Afghanistan under the pretext of “war on terror”, but it was clear from the very beginning that the US had not invaded our country to eliminate fundamentalists, rather to nourish this ominous entity. The history of the US government shows that it created, nurtured and supported the most brutal monsters of humanity to further its interventionist policies, especially after the Second World War. The US government and CIA partnered with the governments and intelligence agencies of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Iran to strengthen the Ikhwanis in Afghanistan and then the Taliban project was delegated to Pakistan.

Today, the US saw that its Jehadi creations have gained the most notorious reputation among our people and the Islamic Party, Jamiat Party, Ittehad Party and even the Taliban are expired, so it needed to find a replacement for them. It is for this reason that it started supporting Tahrir Party, Jamiat-e Islah, ISIS the Golan movement, and other super-reactionary, medieval-minded groups as deadly viruses to brainwash the Afghan people, especially the young generation. It is only with the existence of such internal loyal bases that the US can continue its ominous presence in our country. Despite conflicts and skirmishes between them, these different groups share the same nature of serving foreigners, committing barbaric crimes, spreading ignorant, anti-democratic and misogynist thoughts, and are all cancerous tumors on the body of the society.

People of many Islamic countries have recognized the true nature of fundamentalist movements as creations of colonizers and have risen against them. They knew that they couldn’t join the caravan of progress and humanity unless they were freed from the claws of this deadly virus. In Tunisia, Rachid al-Ghannouchi, the godfather of Ikhwanis in Afghanistan, surrendered to the wave of progressive struggle by the people who demanded the separation of religion and state; in Egypt, the birthplace of the Ikhwan, the Muslim Brotherhood was outlawed and its leaders were prosecuted. In Turkey, the anti-fundamentalism struggle is gaining strength with every passing day and this has frightened Erdogan. Even the Saudi Arabian government was forced to bring huge reforms in the face of the wave of people who demanded modernization in the Arab world, so as to prevent the burst of the fury of its people.

The people of Afghanistan, particularly the young generation, must recognize that one of the main causes of the current disaster in Afghanistan is the treachery and crimes of the fundamentalist stooges. These elements are the bases of the occupiers and the infamous governments of Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia, and are assigned the duty of misusing people’s beliefs to keep them in darkness and removing any sense of humanity and nationalism from their minds. Afghanistan can never attain peace, prosperity and justice unless this contagious disease is defeated.

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan, as a progressive party and the representative of the oppressed people of this land and the voice of the victims of suicide attacks, demands the strictest punishment for these bastard procreations of the US. We believe that the prosecution and punishment of the Jihadi, Taliban, ISIS and other killers are only possible at the hands of our suffering people. No occupier and its internal lackeys will do this task for their treacherous interests are tied to the presence of these bloodthirsty elements. We should learn from the women warriors of Kobani who stood against these medieval-aged brutes. If we don’t rise against these dangerous enemies of humanity, democracy and justice, Afghanistan will face a more bloody and dark future.

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan

July 16, 2019 – Kabul


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