The nefarious deal with Taliban and the release of thousands of Taliban viruses is a national treason!

The nefarious deal with Taliban and the release of thousands of Taliban viruses is a national treason!

Now that the US in accord with Taliban, besides providing many other facilities to them, is about to release 5,000 criminal Taliban prisoners, Ashraf Ghani, after his ears being pulled by US, once again crossed his dramatic “red line”, and in contradiction to all justice and human rights principles, will release 5,000 dangerous viruses on our people. The US government and its slaves –as they did with Gulbuddini assassins– this time also is granting amnesty, without any trial, to the brainwashed elements who are alien to humanity, and those who have stoned and flogged women; have beheaded innocent people in their field courts; have committed suicide bombings; taken back Afghanistan to the stone age period; have beaten men for not having beard and hair according to their wish; committed massacre in Yakawlang, Shamali Valley, Mazar and other places; bereaved women from their basic rights such as education, work and have imposed the most ignoramus laws on them; destroyed the two Buddha statues of Bamyan and, according to their Pakistani masters’ wish, dragged Afghanistan towards dooms days; and have committed many other crimes, oppressions and felonies.

Ghani, installed in this post to thoroughly implement the neo-colonized policies of USG and NATO, using odd demagogy, started to scream that the release of Taliban prisoners is the state’s red line, but, as Khalilzad representing White House, even without informing Afghan presidential palace, had promised the release of 5,000 prisoners to his Taliban chicks, it was very clear from the start that Ghani doesn’t have the power to reject the master’s order, and his “red line” is just a mere fuss. Mike Pomeo, US Foreign Secretary, replied to a question, “Ghani is not ready to release Taliban prisoners,” by saying, “everyone is shouting to get popular”! It is very clear that puppet government can’t have its “red line” to defend its national interest, so Ghani stepped over his “red line” to stay in power. Indeed, Abdullah and his group, to win Khalilzad’s heart, also spoke of so-called plan of “unconditional” deal with Taliban, but master didn’t pay any attention. Shah Hussain Murtazawi and Sadiq Sadiqi, the dirt-lickers of Ghani, were yelling that, “release of Anas Haqani is state’s red line,” however, we saw they made it yellow, and, this international terrorist and planner of tens of suicide attacks against our people, is now enjoying in Doha, laughing on our people.

For its 180 degree turns in neo-colonized polices in our country, the US, once again to fool out the people and to divert public’s opinion, has started some campaigns. In these days, we are witness to some of the project-based campaigns by the women of so-called civil society: a bunch of women wearing colorful burqas and are speaking of forgiving Taliban and another are whispering, “Where are my rights?” You, the colored mannequins, should remember that you can forgive Taliban and other criminals of the last four decades, but the relatives of the victims and the aware citizens, having wakeful conscience, of this homeland will never forgive them. And the women of Afghanistan, after the ominous reign of Taliban, consider burqa as the prison of ignorance and oppression against the women of this country, bitten by Jihadis and Taliban and occupied, not their freedom; and choosing the red and green burqas is just a fizzle to hide the pains of our women. A number of other women are talking of women’s “rights” being perished during the process of wheeling and dealing of US and its slaves with Taliban; but did Afghan women have any right during these years that now it is perished? You women, by sitting beside the misogynist elements and arc-criminals –the blots of shame in our history– and those who even had no mercy for 70-years-old mother and 7-years-old child, have bargained the rights of Afghan women since many years and you are busy licking the blood and crime from the faces of these criminals.

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan, as had announced earlier, once again emphasizes that peace with brutal Taliban and the release of their assassins from the prison, except for war and destruction, has nothing to do with peace and security. Taliban have only signed peace with their US masters, however, they continue with their so-called jihad against our defenseless and oppressed people. We believe that peace amongst criminals will never bring any peace and stability for people of Afghanistan, and there are no values and national interest for the murderous rulers. To achieve their interest, they step over any value. Only the presence of a democratic and popular government, one can speak of red line and high values of humanity.

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan

March 15, 2020


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