If We Don’t Stand Up As One, More Farkhundas Will Incinerate in the Inferno of Fundamentalism!


Once again a most horrendous atrocity against a woman, happening not a kilometer away from the presidential palace, shocked all those with a wakeful conscience. Twenty-eight year old Farkhunda was hacked to death and her torn body was incinerated in the presence of the police by predatory ignoramuses on the unsubstantiated allegation that she had burned the Koran. This inhuman act was publicly endorsed by Mullah Niazi, Simin Ghazal Hasanzada, Hashmat Stanikzai, Zalmai Zabuli and a number of other creatures, but the reality is that a large number of criminals and ignoramuses who fill the ranks of so-called government officials thoroughly enjoyed the atrocity. Fortunately, however, the perfidy and treachery of these merchants of faith have been well known since decades to the majority of our people. Through their speedy reaction against this Hitlerite action and through raising their voices in unison, our people shut the snouts of the pulpit rats of the Abdullah-Ghani monstrosity-of-a-government and their felonious hangers-on, such that they retreated in shame and disgrace to the silence of their lairs.

The hacking to death of Farkhunda was not an accident, but rather a product of a culture of traitor-nurturing and lionising of thugs who since decades –particularly during the last fourteen years– have ruled the country. Farkhunda was slaughtered as a result of a planned action, in order for a number of merchants of jihad and Islam to display their brutality to the people and cow them into submitting to their yoke of blood and betrayal. These jihadists and Islamists have been howling loudly in recent days.

The ridiculous government in power, having through the incompetence of its security forces lost whatever shred of respectability it claimed, arrested a number of thugs involved in the case under the pressure of public opinion and to forestall a surge of protests. But our people, having many times witnessed similar shocking tragedies, know very well that the vile murderers of Farkhunda and many other Farkhundas could not have committed such heinous crimes without the support and the blessing of the ruling arch-criminals. The abhorrent Sharaf Baghlani, who has boasted proudly of his involvement in slaughtering Farkhunda, is a known member of Burhanuddin Rabbani’s Jamiat-e-Islami fundamentalist party funded and supported by the CIA and Pakistan’s ISI. As is known, he has been associated with government security forces. Had we had a national government in power in our country, with a modicum of commitment to justice, the first thing it would have done would have been to prosecute all the despicable and traitorous authorities who authorized and/or facilitated the recruitment of thousands of thugs and gangsters like Sharaf into the police and arbaki (local police) forces and the un-national National Directorate of Security (NDS), and who gave them carte blanche in terrorising and oppressing the nation. If the two major perpetrators of the Paghman gang rape case had not remained scot-free –thanks to Sayyaf and Co., if the ravagers of thousands of our unfortunate sisters and mothers had been prosecuted for their crimes in different parts of the country, then Farkhunda would not have become a victim.

The culture of impunity enjoyed by arch-criminals and the silence and torpidity of the nation are the reasons why the sinister Abdullah-Ghani couple, with their army of conscience-less hangers-on, are out to visit their US masters with such apathy to what is happening at home. The visit takes place at a time when on the one hand our people’s blood is boiling with fury at the awful brutality meted out to Farkhunda, and on the other hand 31 of our Hazara compatriots are in the claws of the vampire Daesh (ISIS) forces and their families are living in agony.

Tormented compatriots!

Until such time as these murderous and traitorous rulers are in power, and until such time as they play with the fate of the nation at the beck and call of their puppeteer foreign masters, the bodily integrity and the honor of our sisters, mothers, daughters and sons will not be safe from violation at the hands of human-like attack dogs and their criminal masters. Until yesterday, the US and its allies were unleashing their lackeys on the Afghan nation under the name of “freedom-fighter organizations” and the Taliban; today, they are diligently working on empowering the Daesh (ISIS) butchers of humanity in order to further entangle our motherland and our people in the shackles of oppression and ignorance. They endeavour to enmesh our younger generation in poverty, addiction, obscurantism and ignorance in order for their lackeys to be able to recruit foot soldiers.

Therefore, tormented compatriots, let us shed the role of spectator, let us break the spell of silence with a thunderous call in unison for independence, freedom, democracy and social justice. If today the body of a woman has been brutalized and incinerated in the fire of ignorance in the heart of Kabul in plain sight of the public, tomorrow it will be the turn of your sister and mother or mine. If we don’t rise together, in unity, more Farkhundas will burn in the inferno of the fundamentalists and their foreign masters.

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA), in chorus with our people, vehemently condemns this atrocity, and sincerely invites our tormented and mourning people to turn their heart-felt wrath and outrage into an energizing and motivating force, and to rise up against the known murderers. It is time to become a single clenched fist, to no longer allow the sacred blood of Farkhunda to be trampled underfoot in the traitorous dealings of our sold-out rulers, to no longer allow our sisters to fall prey to ravenous wolves.

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA)

23rd March 2015


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