Respect the progressive subject of 8th March by resolute struggle against imperialism, fundamentalism and patriarchy!


8th March, the auspicious day, proposed as International Women’s Day in 1910 by Clara Zetkin during the International Socialist Women’s Conference to respect the struggle of women workers, and since then, it is celebrated worldwide. We are going to this day, while our tormented and sorrowful people, especially the women of this country, are suffering from various terrors of occupation, fundamentalism, misogyny, poverty and adversity, killing and bloodshed. The ear and throat of the unfortunate women of our homeland are slit and they are subjected to rape and sexual violence; they are stoned and burned; they commit suicide and self-immolation to get rid of these miseries; and tens of other oppressions.

The occupier and malefactor government of USA and Allies, occupying Afghanistan in the guise of Liberation of Women and Enduring Democracy, in their first days of entering the country, they granted the power to the most misogynist and anti-democratic group, known as Northern Alliance, to rule our oppressed people. The leaked document of CIA by WikiLeaks reveals that, on the eve of attacking Afghanistan, this agency had suggested to US occupier government to, “use women as messengers to humanize the war.” Although, a number of mannequins such as Fawzia Kofi, Shinkai Karokhail, Sima Samar, Nahid Farid, Zahra Naderi, Sabrina Saqeb, Shukria Barakzai and etc. as the show pieces, to exhibit to the world the apparent Liberation of Women, but the reality is upside down. If we don’t revise the past examples and just consider the recent ones, we can understand the depth of oppression against women: recently we witnessed the clashes on ratification of Child Protection Act in the parliament and saw that how aliens like Qazi Nazir Ahmad Hanafi, Maulawi Zabiullah Atiq, Allah Gul Mujahid, Mirdad Nejrabi and others were fussing against it; a monster, named Mujibur Rahman Ansari is shedding dirt against women in Herat; and in the recent event, the terrorist-raising US government, once again imposes the dark-aged and misogynist Taliban on the bruised shoulders of our people.

Sorrowful Sisters!

We should remember that women’s freedom can be achieved by the blood of Rosa Luxemburg, Meena, Marzia Ahmadi Oskoee, Monika Ertl, Nahid Sahed, Sakine Cansiz and thousands of other indomitable women; we should remember that emancipation of women can be achieved through the loud voice of Clara Zetkin, Ashraf Deghani, Mercedes Sosa, Malalai Joya, Anuradha Ghandy, Nawal El Saadawi, Bulqis Roshan, Taslima Nasrin, Camila Vallejo and other wakeful women around the world; we should remember that women’s rights can be achieved through the gun power of Arin Mirkan, Tamara Bunke, Simone Segouin and etc.; we should remember that women’s equality can be achieved through the resistance of Leyla Qasim, Azam Rohi Ahangerani and Sherin Alam Holi in the torture cells of the vampire regimes. Women can only break the chains of barbarism and ignorance with their hands through their unity in the light of progressive ideas. No occupier and local reactionary force can free them from these calamities.

Solidarty Party of Afghanistan

March 8, 2020


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