With consciousness and struggle, let us rid ourselves of the shameful days of 7th and 8th Saur!

With consciousness and struggle, let us rid ourselves of the shameful days of 7th and 8th Saur!

We spent yet another bloody year, and the dark days of 7th and 8th Saur have arrived again, two odious days that open the wounds of its victims every year. Of these disastrous days, one saw the occupation of the social-imperialist Soviet Union, and the other day paved the way for the occupation of our homeland by Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and ultimately the US and NATO. 7th Saur was the beginning of the commission of treason and crimes against our country, and the killing, wounding, and destruction of the lives of millions of people. A nation that hoped to live a humane and peaceful life after the humiliating defeat of the Soviet Union and its puppets, had all its sacrifices and gains destroyed by monsters that took over Kabul on 8th Saur. Upon their entrance to Kabul, these brutes reduced the beautiful city to ruins, killed over 70,000 of its innocent inhabitants, and brought such calamity upon our nation that history has less often witnessed. This is why our people rightfully raise the slogan, “8th Saur more odious than 7th Saur”.

Such is the painful state of our country that the looters of Afghanistan and murderers of our mourning people, have now gathered under the banner of the US and are busy in another round of killing and looting. These criminals are cuddling one another and laughing over the blood and bodies of the people of Afghanistan. Gulabzoi, Tanai, Taqat and other Khalqi-Parchami traitors, whose hands are stained with the blood of our people, have rushed to Gulbuddin “Rocket-yar’s” side, calling “Kabul’s butcher” a dove of peace.

Today, Sayyaf shamelessly announces that he does not take one millionth bit of responsibility for the Kabul battles; Gulbuddin claims, with shamelessness particular to Ikhwani leaders, that he has not committed any crimes, as if Kabulis were martyred by aliens and not his rockets; while the leaders of Shoraye Nezar, Jamiate Islami, Wahdate Islami, Jonbishe Islami, and other parties, pose as democratic figures, and use “democracy”, “women rights”, “Afghanistan’s unity” and other beautiful terms in every sentence, as if they had no role in the destruction and looting of Kabul, and massacre of its people. But these criminal traitors cannot bury the truth. Today these people can only call themselves “national heroes” and “national unity champions” because they have the backing of people like John Kerry and Zalmai Khalilzad. The truth always prevails, and the day is not far when the names of these murderers will be recorded in history as national traitors with the likes of Hitler, Franco, Pinochet, Suharto, and hundreds of other bloodthirsty killers.

The anti-people criminals in power and their US masters are launching meaningless, fraudulent elections, thus discrediting and disgracing this process for our people as well. Our people know well now that with a weak government imposed by foreigners, their votes will only be used to give legitimacy to the rotten system and its officials, while the winner itself will be chosen by John Kerry. Our people, who have been the victims of such traitorous games for decades now, are being forced by the government to register for voting, and our people in turn become victims of terrorist attacks for this reason, the most deadly of which we witnessed in Dashte Barchi area of Kabul a few days back when tens of our compatriots were savagely martyred in a suicide attack. The real cause of the misery of our people are Ghani and Abdullah, and other heads of their corrupt, rotten government.

Our suffering compatriots,

The Solidary Party of Afghanistan deeply believes that till the bloodthirsty Sauri murderers are in power, we can neither defeat the devious domination of the US and NATO, nor the barbaric Taliban and ISIS. In this situation, the wave of corruption, misery, destruction, addiction and oppression ongoing in our country will naturally intensify, and our people will only face worse days. Our freedom is only possible through the consciousness, mobilization, and uprising of the people! Unless all the ethnicities of Afghanistan don’t unite to struggle against the internal traitors and foreign occupiers, our country cannot be saved from this bottomless pit of destruction.

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan
April 26, 2018


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