The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan shall respond to the tinpot government’s crackdown by revving up its activities!

Six SPA members arrested by Karzai’s secret police

Protest of the Solidarity Party of Afghanistan in Kabul

On December 1, 2011 the Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA) staged demonstrations, attended by over a thousand demonstrators from diverse Afghan ethnic groups, in Kabul in condemnation of the sell-out of our country under the guise of ratification by the Loya Jirga of the US-Afghanistan Strategic Partnership Agreement. The demonstrations were covered from beginning to end by most local and international media outlets who conducted numerous interviews with party spokespersons and demonstration attendants. In the days leading to the demonstrations, thousand of leaflets had been widely distributed throughout Kabul city and members and supporters of SPA handed out the party’s statement, The American Loya Jirga notches another ignominy, throughout Kabul and a number of other cities. The statement and the summons to staging the demonstrations were widely welcomed and innumerable solidarity calls were received.

The demonstrations organised by our party aggravated the stooge government and its masters. They therefore immediately took countermeasures by employing two different means: the secret police of the National Directorate for Security began persecuting and arresting SPA activists, and the government bore down upon the local and international media to desist from transmitting news of the SPA-organised demonstrations. It was for this reason that no media outlet aired any report on the party’s action.

The government did not content itself with mere “news sabotage” of the SPA demonstrations. The security forces were ordered to arrest those distributing the SPA declaration. The secret police detained two party members in Kabul and one in Herat for interrogation. They were charged with distributing a SPA communiqué which roundly denounces the signing of the agreement to enthrallment by the masters of Afghan regime. The three SPA detainees were physically and verbally assaulted in the course of the interrogation and spent days in jail. Earlier this year, three other SPA members had been arrested during demonstrations denouncing the shameful 7th and 8th Saur (April 27 and 28) anniversaries and charged with demonstrating and distributing leaflets. SPA activists are routinely targeted by Karzai’s secret police for their uncompromising stance and illuminating activities, but such throttling shall never succeed in keeping us from the path of struggle for independence, democracy and justice.

Knowing the substance of the occupiers and their stooge regime as we do, the SPA has no complaints in regard to such restrictions and censorship by the debased media managers. We know that the “democracy” bestowed upon us by the Americans is only for murderers and xenophiles, and is benign and tolerant to the degree that you deal with the periphery and do not question the roots of issues. Whenever an individual or a group dares to expose the odious essence of the occupiers and their indigenous lackeys and refuses to accept their yoke of servitude, their vaunted “democracy” metamorphoses into fascism and “freedom of the media” gives way to censorship and fabrication.

Recent history has proved that even the most tyrannical of regimes cannot succeed in forever stifling their nations’ striving for freedom through police-state methods and imprisonment, and neither will Karzai’s corrupt mafia-state succeed in bridling the struggles of the SPA and our desperate people with arrests and suppression. Attempts to rein in the rising wave of the people’s resentment with threats and violence will only backfire, and as the Arab Spring testifies, will only steel the people’s resolve to raise their call for freedom to a resounding crescendo that no government force with all its brute might will be able to silence.

The SPA is the first political force in the country to face the Karzai mafia-state’s clampdown and persecution. It is incumbent upon all individuals and forces standing in defence of freedom and justice to raise their voices and nip this anti-democratic and bullying policy of the government in the bud, otherwise, with the intensification of our nation’s just anti-neocolonial struggle, the suffocating political atmosphere of the governance period of the Khalqi and Parchami arch-traitors, the jihadi savages and the medieval Taliban will once again engulf our nation.

For the purpose of shackling nations and stamping out liberation movements around the world, the US relies not only on its colossal war machine but also on it formidable propaganda war prowess. It is through its mercenary mafiosi media that the US substitutes reality with lies and perfidy, and hypocritically misleads the American people and the masses of its neo-colonies. Subsequent to the occupation of Afghanistan, the foremost effective means the US resorted to for the reinforcement of its subjugation of our nation was to foster the mushrooming of media outlets. Eighty percent of the operating budget of 25 TV networks, 90 radio networks and innumerable newspapers, gazettes, magazines and websites in Afghanistan is financed by the US in order to be able to have absolute control over them and blinker them so that they pull in the direction US policy wants them to pull, and either keep mum or distort news items –irrespective of importance– that clash with US interests. Each year the US allocates tens of millions of dollars to “supporting Afghan media”. These funds are spent on disseminating lies and orientating public opinion in favour of US policies. The US embassy in Kabul is in charge of supervision and overall control, through diverse means and methods, of information dissemination in our country. It is due to this US policy that famished and pauperised Afghanistan has a plethora of expensive propaganda media instead of food and clothes, and the bosses of most of these media outlets are criminals and sold-out traitors whose leashes are in the hands of the US.

Up till recently, the US was handing weapons to these arch-traitors to devastate our homeland with massacres and murder; today it is arming them with an even more lethal weapon, the media, to have them annihilate our national and revolutionary culture, to cretinize us, to crush our pride and dignity, to smother our penchant for standing up to invaders and occupiers, to emasculate our younger generation, to neutralise and venalise our intellectuals, to propagate a culture of turpitude and triviality and to systematically apoliticise our people. Thus, they pave the way for the perpetual enthralment of our nation by the US and its allies. On top of all this, these propaganda megaphones have been deceptively dubbed “free and impartial media”, but it is evident to anyone with a modicum of awareness that in practice, the media in Afghanistan is neither “free” nor “impartial”.

But why is it that the SPA and other progressive forces who are not at all armed and solely struggle by democratic methods are attacked by the stooge government, whereas the most rabid of fundamentalist bands, flunkies of Iran and Pakistan who bring agony to the Afghan people with their guns and terror, are invited to partake in government power, the feral Taliban are given representation offices in Qatar and Turkey, media outlets fall over each other to aggrandise them and the US has spared nothing in supporting them over the past three decades? The answer is evident: these sanguinary and ignorance-breeding groups, procreations of the US, can be easily lured by dollars and appointments and can be used as tools in the hands of the US or any other power to work in their interests. These groups do not relent in their endeavours to keep our people benighted, illiterate and painfully obtuse. This is what the US badly wants, since its neo-colonialist policies can only steer a blindfolded and unhearing nation, steeped in ignorance; only such a nation will swallow its lies and chicanery. However, the SPA and other elements and forces that stand in defence of independence and freedom give awareness to the masses –a weapon more sovereign than any gun– armed with which no bully or satanic power can keep a nation perpetually enthralled. Herein lies the secret of the cleaver wielding of the US and its Afghan stooge government against progressive and conscious elements.

But Afghanistan is not the only country in which the US and the West play out their game of public opinion befuddlement. This chicanery is also played out against their own people and other destitute nations of the world. Noam Chomsky, the great American thinker, in his Ten Strategies of Manipulation by the Media, astutely formulates the West’s propaganda sorcery and writes, “Maintaining public attention diverted away from the real social problems, captivated by matters of no real importance, is a strategy to keep the public so busy that they have no time to think.”

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan

14 December, 2011


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