Systematic Promulgation of Fundamentalism and Ignorance in Kunduz

Systematic Promulgation of Fundamentalism and Ignorance in Kunduz

During the Cold War, the US Government implemented Brzezinski’s traitorous Green Belt Policy which aimed to tackle communism and to eliminate progressive movements and elements. Afghanistan was the first target of this inhumane policy; by pouring of millions of dollars, it was turned into the nest of traitorous gangs such as Jihadists, Taliban, Al-Qaida etc. Today, the US and some other Western countries, exactly in the same manner, continue to support Jihadists, Taliban, ISIS, Hizb ut-Tahrir, Jamiat Eslah and tens of other medieval and traitorous circuits. All areas of Afghanistan and especially the neighboring provinces to Central Asia are being programed to be handed over systematically to dangerous fundamentalist groups, so by injection of killer venom into the northern borders of the country, the real rivals, Russia and China, are weakened and engaged in war.

Kunduz is a war-torn province in northern Afghanistan whose ill-fated inhabitants have to endure the monsters of fundamentalism alongside poverty, unemployment and tens of other miseries. Among tens of madrassas and active institutions promoting ignorance of fundamentalism in Kunduz, I would like to focus on some of them as examples and describe my own eye witness experience on some portions of truth and its ultra-reactionary nature to SPA readers:

Poverty, war, corruption and the ruling terror in Kunduz pave the path to the growth of the virus of fundamentalism, and by contaminating the minds of young girls and boys, they want to drift people’s present hatred and disgust towards occupiers and dominant clergy-mafia regime to passivity and reactionary, which is the real desire of the US and the puppet government.

Rawzat-ul-Atfal - Children’s Pilgrim, is one of the active madrassas in Kunduz City, having thirty instructors and more than one thousand female and male students, is busy brainwashing today’s generation. This madrassa charging between 100 to 250 AFN monthly fees, and under the watchful eyes of province’s Governor and National Directorate of Security –country’s national intelligence agency, encourages the innocent children to take arms and trains them as murderous elements and alien to humanity. The fanatic teachers of this madrassa who can also be referred to as 21st century’s Mullah-e-Lang (a fanatic mullah from Paktia province, supported by British Empire, rebelled against the King Amanullah Khan’s progressive reforms), prohibit students from going to school or institutes teaching English language and mathematics, calling school the house of Satan and refer to teacher as Kafir -infidel.

Ashraf-ul-Madaaris, founded in 2010 by Mawlavi Abdul Khaliq and Mufti Sarajuddin, is one of the largest madrassas promoting fundamentalism and terrorism in Kunduz, Takhar, Baghlan and several other provinces. Although, on 24 February 2014, BBC Persian webpage, reported in an article, Promoting Islamic Extremism Ideas, about the presence of this center, but not a single step has been taken against it, and it has even further extended to the neighboring provinces.

Students of Azhraf-ul-Madaaris
The “Black Shroud” and Medieval Ideology are the achievements of Ashraf-ul-Madaaris and their filthy fellow thinker for our oppressed women.

Launching this madrassa, which nourishes narrow thinking, in a governmental building shows that the clergy-mafia government itself, composed of fundamentalist murderers, is supporting and funding madrasas, to educate Taliban and ISIS, and it is operating according to USG’s evil policies to immerse Afghanistan deeper into extremism, terrorism and darkness.

The girls of this madrassa are brainwashed to the extent that they label, kafir – infidel, whoever does not think like them, and call it, haram – forbidden, any gesture that goes against their will. They consider the following activities as haram: watching TV; listening to radio; participating in the wedding parties; wearing cloths of any other color rather than black; wearing jewelry; taking photographs; celebrating teacher’s day, mother’s day, women’s day, new year and birthday; women’s nomination in the election or voting; and women working outside home. They label school students and even governmental religious madrassas students as infidels. Absolute submission of woman to man; taking care of kitchen; upbringing children; not going out from house and not going shopping without a man are their recommendations for other women. The girls studying in this madrassa are being dangerously brainwashed by ignorant fanatic teachers in a way that they are brought up aggressive and sick-minded that they cannot event tolerate seeing their own mother’s and sister’s hair appearing from under the scarf. It triggers them to start violent arguments with them.

Superstitious and non-scientific books such as Grave Torture, View of Death and The Jewel of Heaven are part of curriculum of the madrassa, which have a horrific and devastating effect on the girls (whose number exceeds 6,000), turning them into a walking dead. The archaic heads of this madrassa are coercing dogmatic and militaristic laws and injecting venom of reactionary believes into the minds of these girls, have turned them disappointed and hopeless who have completely forgotten about their own lives, and are acting as campaigners of death, terror and fear for other women.

Missionary Congregation Center is located in a 20 hectare land near the airport in Kunduz City, where they have built a five-storey building on 2 hectare of the land. Beside the daily activities, every year for about three days, ten thousand people gather here from nine Northern Provinces and other parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan. They drag the poorest layers of the society, in the name of “propagation of religion”, inviting the poor and distressed to “contentment” and the “benefits” of a poor life and encouraging them to stay away from politics, so alongside tens of other traitorous and fanatic groups, they play a role in deviating public opinion from the ongoing disasters. These dirty movements have turned religion into baton to oppress and stultify the masses, to deter them from knowing the real factors of their devastation, who indeed are the occupiers and their religious and non-religious lackeys.

Missionary Congregation Center
The Missionary Congregation are acting according to agenda of spy agencies, in guise of religion.

Afghanistan Muslim Youth Organization –Najim, a branch of Jamiat Eslah, is following the colonialist doctrine of Sayyid Qutb and Muhammad Qutb (founders of Muslim Brotherhood), active since 6 years in several districts of the province such as Imam Sahib and Khan Abad and including in Kunduz City, continues to recruit unemployed youth without any restrictions. This organization which was officially registered in the Ministry of Justice in 2011, has been active in 31 provinces, and with deception and various pretense, it has vastly infiltrated in schools, universities, courses, public and private institutions. The provincial office, located at Salam University in Kunduz City, leads all the activities and programs like Qayam-e-Lail – Night Uprising; sport tournaments; recitation of Quran and religious preaching instead of music being played at wedding parties; holding events to award top students; best character competition; educational competitions, awarding scholarship, laptop, refrigerator and other gifts); cleaning city are fundamentalists’ modern deceptive ways to attract new members.

Zaidullah Hateesh, the head of Najm in Kunduz
Zaidullah Hateesh, the head of Najm in Kunduz

From the organization aspect, every person in order to become a member must go through three steps: first the sympathizer as volunteer, secondly participating in activities and lastly after evaluation and approval of having abided by the rules from the chief (which is called Pillar) is accepted as a member. Tasks will be assigned to the new member and in case of successful implementation, after two years the new member will be promoted to a Pillar at the annual gathering by the Najim leadership. According to them, the volunteer, the member and the pillar must pay a membership fee of 200 AFN and through different approaches they collect funds from businessmen and tribal elders as well.

It is clear that the expenses of Najim’s vast activities and its exorbitant costs cannot be secured by the membership fees. This organization cannot hide its links to the international Muslim Brotherhood, governments of Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Pakistan and to Western and Arab espionage networks. Every extremist movement with ideology of fundamentalist reactionary is undeniably linked to imperialism. Tricking of collecting “membership fees” to cover up and hide the actual funding sources can only deceive some naïve people who are unaware of the world affairs, but certainly not conscious individuals and organizations aware of the stinky essence of fundamentalism.

The writings of Sayyid Qutb and Muhammad Qutb which are mostly taught by Jamiat Eslah are considered as essential sources of teaching within Najm circles as well, which explicitly support ISIS. In contrary to their rhetoric in social media and public preaching, “defending the freedom and independence of the country”, in their educational spheres they declare their final goal: Caliphate -US and UK’s intelligence project.

Zaidullah Hateesh is the head of Najm in Kunduz. Jamiat Eslah broadcasts its programs via Radio Islah, apparently claiming for the call of people’s orientation to Islamic issues, but astutely promotes Muslim Brotherhood’s doctrine, to befool the people. This organization, on social media and their gatherings, demagogically talks about “patriotism”, “peace”, “independence”, while they declare their tenacious hatred towards secularism and populist-democratic government, which produces and keeps the continuity of the mentioned values, labelling secular regimes and individuals as infidels. This common hatred of democratic secularism connects Najm to draconian Jihadists, Taliban and ISIS, and ultimately even closer to imperialism.

Radio Eslah
Radio Eslah

If we add the activities and recruitments of ISIS and Hizb ut-Tahrir in Kunduz to several other mentioned groups, we will have a mixture of fundamentalism’s dirt, backwardness and barbarism, with the mission of cultivating and growing the seed of ignorance and crime, based on the axis of continued occupation and infecting our society by the US and its allies is being programed against our people.

The extensive corruption within government institutions, mafia dealings with Taliban and the dominance of drug dealers, warlords, jihadi commanders are the main causes of the war and downfall of Kunduz, and the consequences for the bare-footed and horrified people of Kunduz are again intensifying poverty, unemployment, displacement, fear, terror and many other miseries.

If in the past religious teachings were cost free and traditionally were taught in mosques, today systematically in addition to madrassas, loads of courses have also emerged who in the guise of religious education are injecting the venom of fundamentalism into the brains of our innocent youngsters. It is even said that these religious groups have created NGOs, using beautiful names, who receive funding from USAID and other infamous imperialist agencies being used towards US and the West’s interests.

Ashraf-ul-Madaaris leadership
These dirty, misogynist and agents of aliens are using Ashraf-ul-Madaaris to inject the venom of fundamentalism into the minds of women, making the walking dead.

If Afghan women were not inflicted with fundamentalist virus to this extent in the past; now during the years of US and the West’s invasion of Afghanistan, using terror of fundamentalism, they are trying to oppress and deviate them before their stormy rage is expressed, so they can be relieved of women not being able to revolt against occupation and fundamentalism. Unfortunately, this policy of fundamentalist in Kunduz has been successfully implemented and has drawn the province into ignorance and darkness.


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