KABUL (PAN): Afghanistan Solidarity Party (ASP) supporters on Monday staged a demonstration in Kabul, blaming jihadi leaders for defaming the holy war and demanding their trial.

The demonstration started from Cinema-i-Pamir and ended in Maiwand area, where the protestors waved photos of jihadi leaders, with a red cross on their faces. They chanted "no America, no NATO and death to both."

While torching the jihadi leaders’ photos, they also condemned the episodes April 26 and 27 in 1992, when the communists staged a coup and the mujahideen entered Kabul, triggering a protracted civil war.

Political activist Said Mahmood Pahiz received death threats

Protest of the Solidarity Party of Afghanistan in Kabul

Young politicians in Afghanistan are fighting against deep-rooted cultural and religious prejudices. But despite the many threats and intimidations they face, young Afghans are fighting to make their voice heard.

An armed security guard and the fear of another assassination attempt accompany Mahmood Said Pahiz wherever he goes. And yet when his girlfriend informed him that he would have to choose between marrying her and staying in politics, he told her: "I can't. It's my life." He shrugs. Today, he is single.



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