Speech of Anne Carin in the 3rd Conference of Pakistan-Afghanistan progressive forces

Speech of Anne Carin in the 3rd Conference of Pakistan-Afghanistan progressive forces

Congratulations on your two days successful conference from me and from The Left International Forum.

Unity and understanding is the only way to fight against any type of aggression. In 2 days we have got a lot of information about the issue of fundamentalism and terrorism and the threats towards women's progress. Participants' contribution has given a great knowledge about the issue. The challenges for women are discussed, in fact women's freedom is a big threat to the fundamentalist and exploitive system.

This is the reason why fundamentalists are frightened from women. If women get their freedom there will be a global change as women are 50% of the population. This change can bring a global revolution.

Due to this, Left people all over the world should support women's struggle for freedom and continue this struggle.

I am confident that one day, women will succeed to get their rights because we are fighting at the right side to bring light from darkness.

It is important to mention that women's struggle is an International issue, but the basic work has to be done by women with the support of men in every country.

Countries can help each other but never lead as freedom cannot be imported. The Afghan people have their own experience that Russia's interference didn't help the revolution, it created instead other problems for the Left.

I like to share with you about the situation in Portugal. I attended the Congress of Bloco, which is a party formed by three Left parties 15 years ago. The right-wing government in Portugal has implemented the voluntary system fully in society.

Hospitals and schools are the main areas where staff have been replaced by volunteers but they are active in all sectors of society. One strategy is to work through the church that takes care of hospitals, schools, food distribution and more. Now there is talk that anyone can care for sick and taking care of children, training requirements have been reduced in favor of charity jobs.

This is opposed to Bloco's opinion because it reduces people's confidence and you feel that you have to be grateful for the handouts they get from the church and other social NGOs.

This reduces their ability to make demands and to enforce their rights, everything becomes a matter of the donor's willingness to give. Charity must be reduced in favor of a policy of solidarity that reduces the needs of the old classic charity for the poor.

It also talks about the charity as a trap for women, it is mostly women who work as volunteers without pay, reducing their chances to get an education, find job and earn their own money.

Portugal had not come so much earlier in gender equality but the current government has gender issue disappeared from the government's agenda.

The Bloco party has the rule that 50% must be women of all boards and in the lists for the Parliament election, the country's constitution is that 33% must be women.

To resolve the issue of how to keep 50% when a man stands on top of a list, and every second a woman, it is proposed to have two women who placed second and third on the list if it is topped by a man.

Also in Sweden the Leftparty has the same rules but we have gone further more, when we have our meetings on all levels, we count how much time is used by the men and the women comparatively. Also compared with how many women and men are attending the meeting.

We are still not satisfied, so don't think that Sweden is a paradise for women.

In 2012, it was reported 28,254 cases of abuse against women in Sweden and in the majority of cases the perpetrator is a person with whom the woman has some kind of relationship. In average 17 women are murdered each year by her husband.

Of the rapes actually reported leads only about 8 percent to prosecution.

There has also been many complaints about the behaviour of police and judges. They have sometimes tried to harass the girl or woman by saying things that shows that they think that it is her own fault that she is beaten or raped. Comments like that the woman's clothes, behavour or way of talking have insistigated the man to commit the crime.

So the situation for women is tough everywhere and our should be:

"We are 50% of the population, Give Us 50% of the power, otherwise we will take by force because we have waited enough now"!

Swedish Left are with you and wish to help you to unit. Unity is the only tool to freedom.

From our side in Left International Forum, we can give you the rope to strengthen the women's and men's solidarity between the two countries but the responsibilities to tighten the rope is yours .

Long live Solidarity of people of Afghanistan and Pakistan!
Long live Freedom!

June 23, 2013 - Kabul


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